holme shop

Alyson posted about Holme Shop last week, and today when Lauren posted about it, I revisited it. I knew the shop was great (my favourite styling of vintage: natural lighting, clothing on hangers, etc.), but today, I have fallen in love with this blouse.


  1. Guess what!? I am buying it! Just asked for additional measurements and am BUYING. IT.
    I cannot resist it. Not one bit.

  2. I am so proud! Do it! That is a museum piece. The Anabela Museum of Pretty, Pretty Clothing.

  3. Oh, I'm so glad someone is going to buy that blouse. It's just perfect!

  4. What a beauty of a blouse!! And I adore the 20's frocks at the shop!! :)

    Hello, I've just stumbled across your ever so lovely blog via 'Nice'. I'm so glad I did....so many beautiful things to see! :)

  5. I'm so glad you all agree -- it's not listed anymore so I'm glad we can enjoy it through this picture here (unless you're lucky Lauren; then you can enjoy it in your closet!).

    Thanks for saying hello! Yay!