i love you ice cream

I LOVE YOU ICE CREAM, originally uploaded by roboppy.

Geoff and I went to The Big Chill on Manning this evening, because it was nice out and because we needed a break from packing. This incredible picture adequately represents how I felt while eating my dulce de leche waffle cone. Best mural ever.

We ate our ice cream, we bumped into some friends. Summer '09 is going to be a good one, I just know it.


  1. mmmm. i am just tucking into bed with my nightly bowl of ice cream. i can't believe how warm it is tonight!

  2. Love those sorts of days!

  3. I wish I could throw an ice cream party and invite all of you.

  4. we MUST have an ice cream party this summer. i've been thinking about it for ages. let's definitely do it and i'll make some homemade sorbets.