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I was tagged by Lauren to choose a picture that best describes my home decor style. I found this to be quite impossible, so I thought I would post a handful of pictures that I have saved over the past few months. They inspire me, but I'm not sure that the end result of my decorating looks at all like this! I have to make the best of what I already have, and most of what I already have is flimsy non-wood furniture from you-know-where. I appear to love a bit of clutter, pastel colours, loads of natural light, and very old things that aren't necessarily practical or useful.

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I love pretty dresses hanging about.

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I love pretty arrangements of things.

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Fresh flowers are essential (I'm not really a plant person)...

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...as is a cozy, messy bed.
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Books with pretty pastel coloured edges are wonderful. As long as the books themselves are good books, of course.

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A lot of pretty things to look at.
Update: This is from an installation by Sonja Ahlers.

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Lace, light, thread -- nothing better.

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A nice cup of coffee in a sunlight-filled kitchen is heavenly.


  1. you sound sooooooo romantic! like right out of a lovely jane austen novel. harhar. :)

  2. I love all these images. They suggest such a cozy, romantic home with lots of interesting things to pick up and look at!

  3. oh, these are beautiful. so soft and calming.
    ps- i wish i had been in T.O to meet you at the trunk show. it sounds like it went well for you!

  4. Your place looks soooo lovely! I believe I have the perfect gifty for you. Email me your address dearie!

  5. Love this! Such inspiring photos!

  6. so beautiful! I love all of these.

  7. wow, beautiful pictures. I love the bed.

  8. all of these are so nice
    from what i've seen of your place, i'd say they have the same vibe!

  9. lovely photo collection, I wish my house looked like these!

  10. hiiiiii.
    thank you for the props. it was nice to meet you, too. i have that kitten tin that was "N.F.S." and oddly, uncannily the photograph you posted from 'loveology' is from an installation i did in 2005.
    xosonja ahlers.

  11. Anonymous22.4.09

    AHhhh! I love ALLLLL of that!!!!! Desperately.

  12. what sweet and cozy choices!!!