I am so happy, but oh so tired. The trunk show was lovely. I really couldn't imagine a nicer group of sellers, and so many lovely people who said hello! I would type out a list and personally thank you all, but I know I would forget someone and it would make me feel awful. I will probably post about the great things I picked up at the show (because they really are so great!), but later. Right now it is all a blur made up of Karyn's colourful wall of fabric, pretty ladies, lovely frocks, and talkin' about Liberty prints.

I have to add that it meant a lot to me to look around from time to time and see Geoff over at another table, chatting -- my mother yesterday said that Geoff is so quiet, but today he was not.

Thank you all so much, and thank you especially to Karyn and Becky for inviting us to come.

I have boxes and boxes full of things to disperse somehow... I don't even want to look at it! In the meantime I will post this picture of the cookies we made to bring with us. The one on the left is vaguely heart-shaped. I wonder who ate it.


  1. yeah!! what fun it was today hanging and chatting with you. i'm soo soo glad you guys came. and the cookies were YUM.

  2. rats, wish I could have made it down there!

  3. Sounds perfect! And those cookies look delish. What a great way to spend a lovely Sunday!

  4. For tempting me with delicious looking cookies, I have tagged you on my blog. No 100 question interview, but potentially something harder!

  5. you and geoff looked smashingly spring! And it was so great to see you guys again! I am so glad I grabbed those amazing embroidery hoops from your lovely trunk, before anyone else did!! Thank youuu!

  6. Thanks, everyone!

    Karyn: Yes, what fun! Yay!

    Erin: Eek! I still haven't made it out to Robber yet! Karyn and I talked about it, though!

    Bee: Thank you!

    Jane: It was perfect! I was hoping you'd stop by, haha.

    Lauren: I will do it!

    Celine: I am so glad they found a good home! Melinda came by later and said she bumped into you and saw the hoops. So many people asked about them -- they are really special!

  7. oh those look amazing...

  8. I'm glad to hear the trunk show went well! & I absolutely love your picks--especially swan diamond rose. I've always coveted one of her creations.