I brought this home today because I thought it would look perfect in the new apartment, which I saw for the first time today. The apartment is so, so lovely! But with a tiny bit of run-down edge? For example, directly across the street there is a once-beautiful, abandoned, old low-rise building, completely gone to ruin. That's our view! I like it. We're signing the lease tomorrow, or at least I hope we are.

Anyhow, I find this picture completely baffling! Has someone just proposed? Over the phone? Why is she wearing a ballet costume? What is going on here? Is that a cake? What the what?


  1. haha, it is so cute though.

  2. hahah anabela, i have this print, too! and i love it for those exact same reasons! mine does not have a frame though. at least not yet!
    ..very excited about your apartment <3
    (also- the "word verification" for this comment is dearty..i dunno, i was just amused by it haha)

  3. Why am I not surprised that you have it, Caitlin! The frame looks very fancy here but it's just plastic. I <3 it so bad!

  4. "Has someone just proposed? Over the phone?" *giggles*

  5. Oh Anabela! She was having a dance party and planning to eat cake when the phone rang and a ring appeared in her hand as if by magic! Who of us has not been caught off guard in our tutus in a similar manner at least once!

    The new place sounds lovely. I hope you share photos when you move in!!

  6. This is so wonderful!

  7. teehee anabela i love this post!
    i think she's wearing a tutu just for the sake of it because tutus are just adorable and shouldn't only be for ballet dancers!
    maybe she said no the night before and after thinking it through carefully she realizes that she does want to be with him forever and forever and so she is going to call him up and tell him to come over so she can say YES.
    i was going to say that she was going to call her friends and tell them she's engaged, but the ring shouldn't be in the box anymore, but on her finger. whew.
    have a good weekend! hopefully i can stop by on sunday at the workroom! :)

  8. what the what? haha, you're funny! i like it to.
    good luck tomorrow with your signing, so exciting!

  9. You guys are so funny! Jane, I know that's happened to me MANY times! So much story contained in one tiny plastic frame!

  10. Anonymous23.4.09

    HAHAHAHAH! Yeah, like what the heck.