to keep and not to keep

I am just finishing up with last-minute prep for the trunk show so that I can still get to a birthday party tonight; I am sorting through the last pile of things. I have been buzzing around like crazy! I know I'm making a really big deal out of it but it's a big deal to me. I love preparing and organizing and sweating the details and making lists... what can I say, I love the biz. Also, I can't stop thinking about the Brooklyn Flea and how it was a highlight of my trip to New York last summer and how this is similar, but without that delicious corn (please can someone start selling elote on College Street?).

There is so much to bring, to the point where I am kind of embarrassed about it (I am trying to pack/move at the same time, after all, so there is more than there would be under normal circumstances). Because of this, I don't feel so badly about keeping some of the things I found while thrifting today.

Brown suede shoes that happen to fit me perfectly & boudoir slippers (!!) that do not fit me, not to keep.

Silk blouse, possibly too delicate to wear, to keep.

Japanese stacking cups, not to keep.

Beautiful antique embroidery hoops with cork linings, not to keep (reluctantly); many patterns, not to keep.

Pretty pink blouse with button-up back and pretty details, to keep (this blouse makes me think of Lauren).


  1. You will own the show. Good luck and take pics!

  2. love the kitten postcard super cute!

  3. oh dear. i'm going to buy everything in your trunk.

  4. Looking forward to seeing your stuff tomorrow!

  5. i love the pink blouse, oh how i wish i lived i canada!

  6. Crazy! I am here reading your blog and then I saw that blouse and thought I had just fallen in love bc it's totally something I would have (and I DO have a pink one JUST like it) and then you, YOU even said so! It's amazing how you can sense one's style without knowing a person, you are psychic? xoxox,lauren

  7. hahah! you posted the card hahah jeeze.
    i am thinking of you! haha i bet it's so much fun..

    those shoes are such a good find! i have luck with thrift shoes like oh, once every 2 years! blah! and i try so hard haha

  8. Both of those blouses are oh-so-perfect!!! Have a great time at the show :D

  9. Thanks so much, everyone!

    Jenny: So nice to meet you today! Yay!

    Lauren: Amazing, right? I think it's that you have such a specific aesthetic -- when I think "Dear Golden," I immediately think "pretty blouses."

    Caitlin: Someone bought the brown suede shoes and I was a little bit sad, but she really loved them! I'm lucky to have average sized feets!

  10. My boyfriend bought us your Japanese stacking cups! I can't get over how fantastic they are. Many thanks for putting them up for grabs!:) I'd recently ordered a handpainted mug (dillycious) from you as well, so our coffee drinking-ware is getting substantially better looking as the weeks progress.

  11. Oh, Carmen! Thank you! I am so glad they found a good home! I loved those mugs too but we have so many already... Also, your boyfriend was so nice! He waited very patiently while I wrapped everything up and he was very kind. Thank you both so much.