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I was tagged by the lovely Missa of Thrift Candy to write my list of five "always-es" and five "nevers." I was excited to do this as I have seen quite a few so far that I loved reading (in addition to Missa's list, see here, here and here). The rules are that these must be fashion-related, that I have to tag three people, and that I can post any pictures I would like to post.

(n.b. - This was started by Lauren here!)

Please remember that this is what works or doesn't work for me personally, and I don't mean any offense by this list! I don't consider myself to be a particularly stylish person, but after 30 years, I have honed my tastes a bit.


1. Long, straight hair with bangs, in its natural colour. In that great year of 1995, I discovered Serge Gainsbourg. This was incredibly formative for me. I went on to discover all the beautiful singers & actresses who had long dark hair and bangs (eg. Françoise Hardy, Anna Karina). I always, always wanted their hair (and their gazelle-like grace, but oh well). No one would ever cut my bangs, so about a year ago I did it myself. To paraphrase Mandy Moore, finally I feel as though I have found myself in a hair style. I like my hair. I leave trails of it wherever I go. Also, I haven't dyed my hair since I was 20 and I don't intend to start dyeing it any time soon.

2. The high-waisted pencil skirt. My favourite thing to wear with a pretty blouse. This is my version of jeans (I don't wear jeans, although I wish I did).
3. Old lady-style sandals. I love these APC ones, but I have a few similar versions that I have thrifted. I found some tan leather Ferragamo ones recently, and I'm excited to wear them. I've been wearing Worishofers for years -- you used to be able to get them super cheap in Kensington Market.

4. Tights. I went to a Catholic high school where I wore a uniform, and since then, I have worn tights for what feels like every day of my life. I would wear them in summer if I could.

5. Scarves, preferably of the silk, hand-rolled hem sort. Now that they're kind of trendy I've been wearing them a bit less (I don't want to look like a desperate oldster taking her cues from the teens), but I have always had a large collection of scarves. I don't wear much jewelry but a scarf is always a versatile, useful accessory.


1. Jersey. I have mentioned this before, but I just cannot do jersey, especially not in dress form. I caved and wore a jersey dress last Friday and I felt as though I was wearing maternity clothing.

2. Capri pants. I am not tall (five three and one quarter), and these pants, they are not good. Also, my general rule of thumb is that if it's all the rage in north Toronto, it's not for me (cf. Juicy Couture, Lululemon, huge Chanel sunglasses, tiny shivering dogs, TNA duffel bags, aggressively-chewed chewing gum, etc.).

3. Cheap ballet flats, most often found in metallic colours. I love flats. I need flats. I cannot wear heels for long stretches of time, and I have to wear flats or low wedges almost exclusively. I also walk over 8 kilometers a day now. The cheap ballet flats I see most often have no support, and the extremely rounded, short toe box does no favours for those of us who do not have long, lean gams. Basically, I find these shoes totally pointless except as room shoes. If one wants to look like Audrey Hepburn, one needs higher quality flats!

4. Large geometric prints. Oh my Orla! On other people, j'adore. On me, I cannot stand.

5. Old lady perfume, or rather, what I consider to be old lady pefume: YSL's Paris & Opium, Estée Lauder's White Linen, etc. Sometimes I wonder just how bad the air smelled when these kinds of scents were au courant, & when everyone smoked. P.U.!

To recap:

1. Long, straight hair with bangs, in its natural colour.
2. The high-waisted pencil skirt.
3. Old lady-style sandals.
4. Tights.
5. Scarves.

1. Jersey.
2. Capri pants.
3. Cheap ballet flats.
4. Large geometric prints.
5. Old lady perfume.

And now I tag Karyn, Caitlin, and Tara-Lynn! And Kater, too!


  1. i love everything you have listed in "always". Capri pants are in my never list also..and big geometric prints do not look on me, then yes also - in my never list. I would put leggings in my never list too..i just don't understand them . Tights with no toe? Umm..no.

  2. Definitely with you on the scarf fetish! I love your lists (esp the capri pants no)

  3. Ah, tights! I love everything on your "always" list as well. Last year at Christmastime I treated myself to Chanel No. 5, so for me, old lady perfume would move to the "always" category. It makes me feel grown up on the days I otherwise feel that I am playing at my life. Great post, Anabela!

  4. Ooh you're brave... I'm always afraid of never lists, 'cause I often end up coming around to things I said I'd never wear! But of course as I say that I'm thinking of things I really hope I could keep on a never list (keffiyehs come to mind)...

  5. I am in total agreement with all your nevers! I agree with 4/5 always. I do wear tights in the winter, but I prefer bare legs.

  6. Oh, what a lovely tag and I loved your answers!

  7. Love your always/nevers! I have a huuuuge scarf fetish, so yays for that :)

  8. oh thanks for tagging me, i will be doing this very soon, i just mailed you a letter lady

  9. this is just perfect! xx

  10. so cool! it's getting around, i am so pleased!
    your nevers are PERFECT, i second every one of them! esp. jersey and capri pants!

  11. your hair color is such a perfect shade. you'll never need/want to dye it!

    what the heck is WITH aggressive gum chewing??

    oh i know, number 4. they just come off as clownish. i'm glad she expanded to home decor haha

    number 5 made me do some lolin

    thanks for tagging me! i'll have to think about this and report back haha

  12. I agree with them all especially perfume also strong like Poison from Christian Dior and Angel from Thierry Mugler.I find those two so strong in the smell.It is like they are taking oxygene out of the air. May I add that wearing knoff of is no fashionable to my taste.Have a good day!

  13. we're the same height :)

  14. Thank you, everyone! I'm glad you all have a sense of humour about this.

    Me in Wonderland: I guess you have to be really tall to pull of geometric prints. My aversion to them comes mostly from seeing geometric prints in all those really hootchie clothing stores (you know what I mean!) that have tons of geometric print tunics and dresses in really awful fabrics!

    Jane: I just don't understand the point of capri pants! They don't look good on anyone, and they don't keep anyone significantly cooler in the summer!

    Kristien: You know, I didn't write out Chanel No. 5 because I can't remember what it smells like and it's possible that I might like it. And if if makes you feel happy, that's wonderful! I think the scents I hate most are the ones that are "spicy" or that smell like tea. Really, really, strong, bitter tea.

    Erin: I know! But I really tried to come up with things I don't think I will try (or try again, as in the case of cheap ballet flats -- oh the pain). I HATE keffiyehs too! I think they're going away, though (well, on this continent -- I'm sure they're still worn in Saudi Arabia!).

    Beatriz: I like it when people agree with me! Hehe.

    Parapluie: It would be fun to read your answers too!

    Chad: Yay!

    Tara-Lynn: Oh! I'm excited! For your answers and for the letter too.

    Kerri: Thank you!

    Lauren: I am so glad someone agrees with me on the jersey issue. I feel so alone on that one! But jersey dresses make me feel like a whale! I need structure! Maybe I wore waist-cinchers in a former life.

    Caitlin: Thank you! Sometimes I wish I were a blonde, just for a day... but all that upkeep? Forget it! And I don't like gum, I prefer mints! I'm glad I made you do some lolin, that's awesome. It's so easy to romanticize the past, but let's face it, everyone probably smelled totally bad! Like you know when you find a piece of vintage clothing and it has that smell of stale cigarette smoke? Ugh.

    Fraises: I know! I like perfume but I don't like when I have to hold my breath because someone is wearing so much of it. Cheap perfume is pretty bad too.

    Amy: Wow! I like it. We're a couple of shorties!

  15. Oh such wonderful lists, I'm so glad I tagged you on this one! Your always list sure sounds like the list of a stylish person and I'm totally with you on the perfume. Those girls in department store make-up sections that try to spray you with whatever the latest awful celebrity scent is are my worst nightmare. I also can't stand those samples that come in magazines and ruin them. Anyway, thanks for doing the tag!

  16. Did you know that I worked (for 2 weeks) with Anna Karina a few years ago when I was at the Montreal World Film Festival. She is super nice...very friendly...not as cute as she used to be...but that's what time does to people ;)

  17. Oh yes, I love me a beautiful silk scarf. Especially of Liberty ones. Although they don't get out nearly enough - I'm going to take photos of my collection and publish them post haste, so they feel appreciated!

  18. Missa: Thank you! I'm glad I'm not alone on the perfume issue. Walking through department stores gives me a headache -- all that stinkiness colliding!

    Claudia: Neat! I bet she's still beautiful, though.

    Iris: I'm the same, I keep hoarding scarves and forgetting to wear them!

  19. i love your lists. and your gentle phrasing of your dislikes! so funny. i don't think i've listed my dislikes. wait that's not true, i've been ranting a lot lately.

  20. I totally agree about the flats! I've bought many a pair of cheapo flats and they always fall apart or give me hurt toes!
    Have you ever tried on any Corso Como flats? They are so comfy. I stand pretty much all day at work and they are the only flats that have held up...So far...

  21. Me too on the tights front – I feel very naked wearing a dress without them... which I guess I am in a way!