catching up

I wanted to thank you for your very kind comments on my sewing room. I wish you all had a special space of your own -- even Geoff has admitted to me that he's a tiny bit jealous! Sometimes, when I look at pictures of homes that are gorgeous and perfect, I feel jealous. I don't like to feel that way (such an overwhelming, stifling emotion), but there you have it. At least now I can think about the fact that I have my own place that reflects a bit of who I am and what I love. And apparently, who I am and what I love includes junky antique chairs, ancient stuffed rabbits, and lots and lots of ribbon. Maybe now that I have that little room it can be my anchor, and it will help me feel more settled. I am such a homebody that I find moving deeply upsetting!

This morning I flipped through some Japanese pattern books. I thought about how nice it will be when I have a free afternoon in which I won't itemize all the things that I still have to do ("paint trim paint trim paint trim" runs through my head all day long), in which I can sit in my sunny, lace-filled room and sew and sew and sew.

I have been out of sorts lately. I have so many posts drafted that I haven't been able to finish; my mind just freezes. Recently I discovered that my debit card had been skimmed and that $2000 was stolen from my accounts. I should be covered (incidentally, I do love my tiny, hippie bank, I really do), but they've launched an investigation and it hasn't been resolved yet. It was a sad thing and I've felt really disturbed since I made my tearful phone call to the bank.

Oh, the lovely Jen from The Haystack Needle posted a little interview with me today as part of her Lost + Found series. I am by no means a master organizer (I am going to be in serious trouble when my memory goes!), but it was so nice to participate.

The picture above is completely unrelated to this post but I think it's beautiful. Via gingerlillytea)


  1. oh i had $1000 stolen from my account last year, i was reimbursed by the bank but its not a very nice feeling to have someone help themselves to your money. i'm sure it will work itself out! x

  2. oh no, poor you (quite literally), that is awful and stomach-churning when it happens. your bank will sort it out.

    everything else sounds nice and inspiring, i'll go read that interview now!

    p.s. thanks for your lovely comment - it'd be great to do some little swap thing in the future!

  3. Hi, I am sorry to hear that. It happened to me also. I am sure your bank will reimburse you. I love your post. You write so nicely. I find your blog inspiring.

  4. your bank better reimburse you!!!!I got fired up today when I found out a company kept charging me for an account I cancelled LAST YEAR, so I can't imagine how upset you must feel when you found out! ARRGH!!!

    I will be more careful using debit cards from now on. Only credit cards.

    What are you painting??

  5. Oh my!
    I love my credit card to death. Better be careful what with my weakness for cute things!
    Sorry to hear about that! I'm sure everything will be sorted out.

    And congratulations on everything!
    I read the interview - I just adore how you replied to everything!
    You're absolutely inspirational, you know.

  6. That's terrible, people can be so awful. I really hope it get's sorted out. I know just what you mean about having to itemize things to do, I'm currently sat opposite a long 'to do' list but I can't muster up the energy to do any of it!

  7. argh! what a crappy feeling. your hard-earned money!! and it definitely makes you feel really violated. i hope it gets resolved soon, but even if it does, it feels terrible. glad to hear that you're finding a bit of time to just relax and look at pretty things, like craft books, i've been enjoying some of that lately too. it's a very nice feeling :)

  8. I am really sorry that happened to you. I hope your peace (and your money) will be recovered soon.

  9. whoa number 3!! that is AWFUL..ugh ugh ugh. once i left my atm card in the machine because a man was standing so close behind me and made me get all nervous and he didn't even say "hey you left your card" when i left and that made me feeling really angry when i realized it was gone. this must feel 20 times worse! UGH. i hope it is resolved quickly and painlessly!

    that was a neat interview...i am so not nearly as organized. sigh. it sucks.

  10. Hi everyone, thanks so much for the sympathy. I don't usually like to talk about those kinds of things but it was deeply upsetting! I always like to think the best of people and things like this make me a bit cynical.

    Celine, I want to paint the trim in our whole apartment... it's pretty badly chipped!

  11. Oh yes, icky feeling about the bank.

    And yes, it is so good to have a room of one's own. Yours is lovely.

  12. Oh my gosh, how distressing about the money! Even knowing it's covered doesn't make it less stressful.

  13. Gosh, that bank business is awful! I hope everything is sorted out soon.

    And I know what you mean about moving - I hate being unsettled (and all the packing and cleaning!). I even had a nightmare about it a few nights ago! Funnily, though, I also find it hard to stay in the same place for too long..