may 4

Today is Geoff's birthday! Happy, happy birthday to Geoff. He got a beautiful day full of sunshine for his birthday.

Thank you all for your comments on my moving post. I know it probably sounds funny that we thought Oreo was missing when really she was just under the covers, but we were so exhausted, and she was so skittish and nervous. I love that little furball so much. I was bawling my eyes out at the thought that she had fallen out the window. Anyhow, I've posted a handful of photos of the new apartment here. I look forward to adding more as we make more progress on it.

Last night we walked over to get some schwarmas, and this morning we walked the 4 kms to work and stopped for coffee at Linux... it was all just perfect.

Oh! When I headed out the door on Saturday morning I happened to check my mailbox and there was a package inside! Last week I won a giveaway at Amy's blog and she rode her bike over and put some lovely Nightjar books in my mailbox.

I tell you, this life of mine, 'tis charmed.


  1. Happy Birthday Geoff!!

    Oh, how cute that she just biked over! I can't wait to be in that wonderful city. The apartment looks great, spacious, and full of light. I'm so glad you found Oreo, soon she will be out of those covers exploring.

  2. ohh my kitten fell out the window last summer. she was such a little kitten too. she fell 3 floors. i was bawling searching for her. i'm glad yours was just tucked in! <3

    your place looks beautiful! very jealous.

  3. Oh, it looks so lovely! I especially adore the little sewing room :)

  4. Happy Birthday to Geoff!

    The apartment looks lovely, I can't wait to see more of it as you get settled in! And I'm so glad Oreo wasn't missing, I would be so heartbroken if we lost a cat <333