About a year ago I was visiting New York, eating cupcakes and shopping and walking around. You know, like you do. One of the shops we visited was Jumelle. They had Sven clogs in the window and the prettiest clothes, and I remember pouting a little that Toronto didn't have a shop like it.

So, I was excited when I heard that Robber was opening. I finally, finally had the chance to stop by today, and I am so glad I did, despite being all, uh, dewy from my bicycle ride and despite feeling shy. It is the sweetest shop, such a beautiful space. Best of all, the owners, Erin and Robin, are so lovely (hi, girls!). I picked up the Dace blouse above. It's silk and so, so beautiful. Look at those pretty little pintucks! I always have a hard time finding pretty summer blouses -- this one is as light as a feather, I love it. The shop is filled with beautiful summer blouses and dresses. And wolf rings and feather necklaces and all sorts of treasures! So many things that make it worth saving up your pennies. If you're in Toronto you really should stop by and say hello!

It was the perfect little outing for my perfect little day.


  1. We have absolutely nothing like this in the area where my parents live (where I currently am). Not even a single vintage shop! I'm very jealous (but pleased for you!).

  2. I like the way you tell your story. You write so well. Glad to hear you have a cool store in your hood.Beautiful blouse. It make me think of the clothes that Lyell in New York makes, inspired by the style in France in the 1920's. I am sure you know that store. www.lyellnyc.com Have a good day!

  3. I love Robber!
    I went there and invested in a sunshine and shadow dress. so beautiful! your blouse is gorgeous lady.


  4. Aw Anabela, thanks so much for stopping in! And that blouse is just perfect for you. Hope you'll drop by again sometime - I love having visitors! That goes for all your blog-readers too, of course...
    (p.s. Caitlyn, the blue and black Sunshine & Shadow dress, right? Love it!)

  5. "dewy", ha, oh you are so funny! Isn't it nice to go into a shop, even when you are "dewy" and get treated well? It's such a nice and encouraging experience. I cannot wait to check Robber out in June!

  6. Hannah: Aw, that's too bad! At least you're not so, so far from so many great places... I mean, I would have to get on a plane to get to London!

    Fraises: Thank you so much! I agree about Lyell -- it definitely has that feel. Dace is a Canadian company too so that made me feel a little happier about getting it.

    Caitlyn: I hope I can see you in your S&S dress sometime!

    Erin: No, thank you! You two are just darling and I am so glad you opened your shop. Toronto needs it!

    Erica: It was HOT yesterday! Also I was frantically pedaling my bike because I went to Robber while my clothes was drying at the laudromat! I know you'll love Robber -- you have to visit!

  7. you are so sweet! and what a pretty blouse. xo