bliss in a cardboard box

If you've ever thought it's not worth entering giveaways on blogs, I have proof that it is! I have won two in the recent past. Some luck, hey?

I won a sweet writing slate and spring blossom earrings from blissinateacup, a shop run by the lovely Rebekah and Richard (the pictures are from their listings, because they are better than any I could take). They filled the package with all sorts of delights. So wonderful!

I also won the little book "Melancholic Creatures" from MonPetitFantome. I am almost sad that it was such a limited edition because this is so, so beautiful! You may recall the doily mobile that Chad sent me completely out of the blue a while ago...

... he wasn't the only one to do so! I recently received an email from Anna of Coco and Luna offering to send me this pretty ballerina painting, which matched the little, baffling one I already had.

Look at you lovely people, filling my life with beautiful things.

Geoff & I are going to have another giveaway of our own soon -- look for it!


  1. yay for you. i love winning blog giveaways, it's like christmas!


  2. oh brill! you're so lucky! I love blissinateacup's stuff!!

  3. i love the ballerina painting!

  4. I'm so happy the book arrived safe and sound to you hun! And I'm so glad that you like it. Whoohoo for your winning streak :)