hello sunshine giveaway winner

Thank you all so much for your comments on the giveaway! Once again I was completely amazed at your kindness, and Geoff & I are so glad you like the mug! The winner is Kelsey, who I believe is a first-time commenter. Kelsey, please email me with your address -- there is a link on my profile page.

I really enjoy hosting giveaways, and I hope that one day I will be able to send each of you something!

(Now that I see it here, this particular picture seems rather neo-Narcissus, when really I just thought it was cute to see my blog in tiny-size)

This past Friday I acquired one of these little gadgets. Oh dear. I renewed my phone contract and since I don't have a landline, I was able to justify the purchase of a data phone to myself (they have come down in price so much, though). So now I am completely tethered to the internet, which is kind of crazy and quite possibly the last thing I need. I have checked my email more often this weekend that one person ever needs to check email, and I have been distracted and obnoxious with it. Please feel free to laugh at me.


  1. Haha, your caption to the photo is so cute!

  2. I just got an iPhone last week and it truly is amazing! I'm sure the excitement will wear off a bit, but right now I'm annoying my boyfriend every hour with, "oh my god look at this thing it does!" :)

  3. yay for iphones!!!
    harhar, not narcissistic at all - i like seeing my blog that way too!
    have you named it?

  4. I finally won something!

    And I have an iphone and I totally love it.

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  5. oh man, I was totally making fun of my boyfriend for buying one yesterday...but then I start playing with it! I'm not into gadgets, but I fell in love - it's so, so easy to use.

  6. hahaha. It is pretty amazing to see your blog on such a baby, tiny screen :0)

  7. Yeah, I have to admit that I'm kind of in love with this thing. It's crazy! If any of you have any suggestions for applications, I'd love to hear them!

    Melissa, I didn't even think of naming it! I'm not the kind of person who names things, really. Or if I do name things I forget and never refer to them by that name again.

  8. i drove by the apple headquarters a few weeks ago. the buildings were almost as sleek as their phones!

  9. oohhh for apps i have:
    *wordreference - just in case i need to translate french words to english or vice versa
    *converter- really helpful for measurements
    *bubblewrap (teehee this is addictive)
    * star wars light saber

    they're so silly but so much fun.
    did you get the 3G S?

  10. My bf just bought one of those thingys, geez all day and night hes constantly on it. Lovely little blog here missy :*

  11. i call it the space phone because it just does everything. as for apps you need scrabble! you and geoff can play extended games. thats how we pass time on the subway....i'm jealous i want one, but settle on just using my boys.

  12. My finacee just got the Bloom application by Brian Eno and I love it! He doesn't have the best commute and it's been a totally stress reliever for him.I also like plugging it into the car for long rides. It's def, worth what you pay.:)

  13. Thanks, everyone! Chau, I downloaded the Bloom application and Geoff LOVES it. Whenever I put my phone down I catch him playing with it!

  14. Can't laugh at you when I'm jealous (envious?!) of your purchase.

    I'll be saving up for an iphone ASAP!