the perfect t-shirt

I have found it: the Alternative Apparel burnout deep V with pocket. I love this t-shirt. It drapes really well, has a slightly boyish cut (it is unisex), and is so soft and comfortable. It's not see-through, unlike some burnout styles, and I think I need it in every colour. I'm wearing this colour, "washed black," at the moment. It is the Jane Birkin of t-shirts.

It is also perfect for my fall fashion concept, such as it is, which happens to be a lot like Tara-Lynn's. Bring on the dead leaves!


  1. All the girls are turning into boys!
    My fall inspiration is Dirk Calloway!

  2. Heck yes, dude! Now that my hair is super long again I want to wear boys' clothes all the time. Dirk Calloway! Love that kid!

  3. This looks amazing!

  4. I am in love with v-necks this summer!

  5. i live in alt. apparel's burnout tees! good choice lady :)

  6. from your description, this t-shirt sounds perfect!!

  7. I too really like the shape and surface of this t-shirt, not sure how I would feel about the poly/cotton mix though, but those synthetic blends are getting better and better.

  8. i look in my closet & all i see is secretary blouses, i'm panicking, i just don't feel like it!
    agreed! never thought i'd be wanting tees, but i do too! i loved the ink spot tee you mentioned(&own) in a few posts back, but it was only available in xs at the time...
    its so hard to find a good tee, i want want something longer & thinish & soft too...
    i'm forcing myself into greys & blacks too...
    maybe its also the complete consumerist feeling about vintage lately too...but thrifting isn't as fun sometimes...
    who knows what i'm going to be wearing, i don't... ;)
    love t.l.

  9. I've heard alternative apparel rocks! I'll definitely have to check it out...

  10. Yeah, I'm pretty sure I'm gonna need one in every colour too.

  11. Hey guys! Thanks for the comments -- I can't praise this t-shirt enough, and the company has a "social responsibility" policy posted on their website, so that's kind of cool.

    Johanna: I was skeptical about the poly part myself, but you wouldn't know it to feel it! I actually prefer this blend to all cotton, which can sometimes feel a bit stiff depending on weight.

    Tara-Lynn: I know what you mean! I love a secretary blouse too but I'm trying to do less of it. I'm also wishing my clothes were deep navy blue... sigh.

  12. ahh! yes this is THE perfect tshirt style. definitely the jane birkin of tees :D i have quite a few of american apparel's deep-v tees in my collection. and i've been guilty of wearing these to the exclusion of everything else in my closet! :) am intrigued about alternative apparel, though - got to check them out...