Yesterday I stopped at the newest Anthropologie location with Erica, and I think I have found a new perfume! At the moment I only wear Stella by Stella McCartney, which is one of the prettiest scents I have ever worn; I love it. Perfume guru Laura Jane Faulds of nogoodforme.com recommended Burberry Brit for men for me, but I think I'm going to pick up a bottle of this Stella for now (the Brit does smell fantastic, though -- I tested it and kept sniffing my wrist all evening).

The notes in Stella are "Blood Orange, Orange (Seville/Biarade/bitter), Watery Notes, Freesia, Lily, Diamond Orchid, Sandalwood, Transparent Musk." This makes sense for me; I love florals, and I love musk -- the blood orange part is unexpected but I do love eating blood oranges, and I am certain that had I lived in 17th century Sicily, I would have fit right in. Eating blood oranges, tending sheep.

Talk scents to me! I love reading about scents & perfumes & oils. What do you wear, if anything at all?


  1. I adore Burberry Brit (for women) and it's been my only scent for abut a year and a half. I lived in Northern Ireland for awhile and the scent of anything Burberry always takes me back there.

  2. Jessica, isn't that the best thing about perfume? I love that.

  3. I love that Tocca perfume so much! I got it for myself as a Christmas gift from my parents last year (a venerable Rudd family tradition: buying one's own gifts then getting others to wrap them), but my sister loved it, too, and somehow guilted me into giving mine to her!

    So I stick with my old bottle of L'eau d'Issey, which is nice and fresh and inobtrusive, kind of like me! I just hate perfumes that smell too perfumey, and this one doesn't.

    Another scent story: from the age of about 12 to 14, I babysat for this woman's kids, and the woman had this distinct, comforting smell that I loved but found really implacable (was it perfume or just her natural musk? I felt weird asking in case it was the latter). Anyway, when I was in Paris at my friend Hedia's birthday party and I went to give her a birthday hug, and she had the same smell! I had smelled it here and there on ladies walking by, but had never had the wherewithal to actually ask about it, and I had gotten very curious. I demanded to know what it was, and it turns out it was plain old Eternity by Calvin Klein! Anyway, having tried it on at innumerable department stores since then, I think it's a bit too mumsy for me.

    Ok inappropriately long comment! I'm going to go to Brooklyn Flea in the pouring rain now.

    xoxo Annie

  4. Annie, I loved your comment! And you just wouldn't be Annie without L'eau d'Issey. No one I know is allowed to wear it!

    That seals the deal; I'm hopping on my bike and heading to Sephora NOW! Time for a new scent story!

  5. Love burberry brit for women. Before that I was all about L'eau d'Issey by Issey Miyake. I also love Chanel's Coco Mademoiselle, but my boss wears it so I can't wear it myself or that would be too weird for me!

  6. I'm a fan of the Clean scents, just because smelling like soap feels right. I find they don't stay on very long, however. There is a Bobbi Brown one at Holt's that I will probably get next called Almost Bare. It's a bit soapy and a bit of floral without smelling too much like either.

  7. One of my favorites is Narcisco Rodriguez For Her Musc Oil (note: the oil, not the spray). It's a soft floral, woodsy, clean, musk scent that feels like you're wearing a secret.

    And it's becoming ever more difficult to find, but I also really love Paul & Joe Blanc. Hawthorn, angelica, almond, sweet pea, freesia, lily, rose, musk, heliotrope, and cloud of milk.

    Have you read Perfume by Patrick Suskind? The first half of the book is fantastic, but the last half is so ridiculous. The song Scentless Apprentice is about the book, and I kind of love that.

  8. I currently wear Prada Infusion d'Homme that I sometimes mix with CB I Hate Perfume's Tea/Rose. Both are lovely on their own as well :)


  9. I've worn Issey Miyake for the past 15 years (wow, I had to calculate that - such a long time!) - it's very oceanic, which is so me... such a water baby.

    Occasionally, I mix Jo Malone fragrances when I want to be shrouded with something denser. My fave is lime blossom and I mix it with nectarine blossom & honey. It sounds like a fruit salad, but it's deep and floral too. I love the mix n' match approach to Jo Malone.

  10. My mom wears L'eau d'Issey. Before that, Estee Lauder's White Linen.

    My history with perfume is sketchy - I love it, I love smelling it, I have favorites, but when it comes to actually wearing it? It doesn't happen very often. My all time favorites are Stella McCartney and the original Marc Jacobs, and I also love MJ's seasonal sprays like Basil or Moss or Lemon. As for what I'd actually wear regularly? I've had my eye on the Kiehl's roll-on musk scent, I put it on in store and couldn't stop smelling myself. And now I just looked on the site and there's a scent called Chinese Flowers which I must smell immediately. A strange one for me, though, is G from Harajuku Lovers - it smells exactly like a pina colada, and when I sprayed it on myself I was absolutely horrified, and then I couldn't stop smelling myself for the next two days. So I guess I like it.

  11. I have Tocca Stella and I get soooo many compliments on it!

  12. oh my favorite! which is also sold at Anthro is Sula butterfly kisses...it smells so amazing
    i wear burberry brit sheer just cuz the original is a little too overpowering...and i think i have every possible philosophy fragrance :)

    tocca is a fav which i have yet to pick up

  13. Oooh, I want to go smell it now!

    I wear Coco Mademoiselle. I have a really hard time with perfumes, since I'm allergic to a lot of things, and a lot of them give me headaches. For a while I tried to go for perfumes I thought were cool and different rather than picking a scent I actually wanted to wear all day and that I liked. This one is perfect for me, I adore it. I'm poor though, and while I do have a bottle of the actual stuff, I buy a weird re-created version from a local perfumer that I almost like more :D

    I had this tube of perfume my cousin bought my in Paris that supposedly smells like tea. It's similar to some green tea scents, but not quite. I love it, but it's already almost all gone and old (and sadly, like the old lady in Alex & Emma my romcom guilt movie perfume investments don't last) and I fear I will never find it anywhere.

  14. I am...a little bit obsessed with perfume haha. I tend to lean towards sweet vanilla/musky scents. The newest one I started wearing is Sarah Jessica Parker's Twilight. I think it's so pretty :D!

    I'm dieing to try the one you've posted about now, too xD!

  15. oh, I've been meaning to try these Tocca scents! I've had my eye on the Stella, too. I'll have to give it a go one of these days...

    Currently, I have a small collection that I rotate through: Pre de Provence's Eau de Toilette in "La Mer" - my fella swears it smells like roses after a rainstorm; Stila's "Jade Blossom" (lots of compliments on this one, from men and women equally) which is kind of soft jasmine and cucumber; Philosophy's "Falling in Love," which smells unabashedly like sun-ripened blackberries; Lollia's "Always," which is grapefruit and bee balm honey and seems to cause people to impulsively stop and smell my hair; and the newest addition, which is also getting raves and which lingers beautifully is tokyomilk's "Eden." I couldn't describe it fully except to say that it is surprisingly warm and sweet on my skin.

  16. wow, now I feel like the only person in the world who doesn't wear perfume. help me, Laura Jane!

  17. What a great post!!! This is my favorite.
    I carry everyday in my purse my favorite perfume of all time ,Faubourg 24 by Hermes as a mood booster. I feel that you never know when you will need it. Smelling good gives me a boost of confidence. Chanel said that a women with no perfume has no future.
    My grandmother on my father side bought me as a teenager Eau d'orange verte by Hermes. It is for men and women. Before Faubourg 24, I used to wear Beautiful from Estee Lauder but since I discovered Faubourg 24, I can't live without it. It's magical and I feel good wearing it. I tend it remember what people wear as perfume more than their names over time. Like Angel from Thierry Mugler it is so strong that I even dreamed about the perfume. I was waiting for the elevator then when the doors opened an army of angel holding the perfume came out.
    Alright, thanks for the post. Have a good day!

  18. i LOVE the tocca stella candle, i burn it all the time. good choice on the perfume!!
    my signature scent has been philosophy's 'amazing grace' for about 4 years. it's so subtle and light, i always get compliments on it. but lately, i switch it up with philosophy's 'falling in love' or fresh's 'lemon sugar'. either way, it has to be fresh and light or i get a headache.

  19. Ooh, I'll have to smell that the next time I go into work (Yes, I work there now! haha) I used to wear Chanel Mademoiselle, and still do on special occasions, and daily wear Elizabeth Arden Green Tea because it's nice and plain. I like things that are earthy, and there are definitely some amazing ones at Anthro, I just don't know which to pick just yet : )

  20. Wow! Everyone: thank you so much for all these amazing comments! I'll have to write some of these down so I can take the time to sniff them somewhere! I love how personal perfumes are; when I went to Sephora I was a little disheartened to see Stella labelled "Best seller" -- what if I bump into someone else wearing it? Haha.

    Thanks, everyone!

  21. I just found this post, it's very interesting to see everyone's favorite purfume. I've yet to find a perfume I can wear without a bad reaction(but I won't give up).


    Don't worry, even if you do bump into someone else wearing the same perfume you won't smell the same. All people smell different, so when they wear perfume their smell changes the perfume to make it their own.

  22. I am addicted to buying little sample vials of scent. I love to put on a little bit of whatever my mood dictates. I also have a few bottles: Fracas, Chanel No. 19, Jicky, Monyette Paris, Les Nuits de Hadrien. My sample vials currently in rotation are: Un Jardin Sur le Nil, Bulgari au the Vert & Teint de Neige. As autumn approaches I love Bois des Isles (chanel), Frapin 1270, and Un Crime Exotique (parfumerie generale). Whew.

    These are the results of years of compulsive sniffing!

    Stella is a nice scent. I have a little vial of that somewhere... :)

  23. I'll have to check this out! I have yet to find a scent I don't get sick of right away.

  24. I have never been a perfume girl but I tell ya, after reading these comments I'm beginning to think I may be missing out! I too tend to get sick of scents really quick and find it hard to find ones that are subtle enough.

    I have been super curious about this line though:


    I'm especially intrigued by "Winter 1972" (that's when I was born!):

    "A field of untouched new fallen snow, hand knit woolen mittens covered with frost, a hint of frozen forest & sleeping earth"

    I mean seriously, how perfect does that sound? Must track down a seller in my area ASAP!

  25. oh i love the tocca one, especially the cute solid. at the moment i'm wearing chloe, but i'd like to go to paris and have my very own scent made, wouldn't that be perfect! xox.

  26. I took my littles to the nearest Anthro location and scoured the shelves until we found Stella. We spritzed and sprayed a few others and kept at the sniff test until late in the day...
    Stella came home with us on a repeat visit today~
    Thanks for a great post! I've been looking for something wonderful for A LONG TIME. The nearest thing I have loved is Chanel Chance (not the eau fresh) and yet it is too strong for every day.
    I've also been loving Vera Wang Princess.
    Thanks again for a really fun post~and comments!

  27. I love wearing perfume, especially one that smells like the earth, but remains feminine with a touch of masculinity. I also admire fragrances that draw curiosity without being overpowering.

    Some of my favorites include: Original by Comme des Garcons, Passage d'Enfer by L'Artisan Parfumeur, and Aromatics Elixir by Clinique.

    My signature fragrance is a perfume oil called Egyptian Goddess by Auric Blends. I picked up my first bottle in high school and have worn it daily ever since. It's so simple, and ridiculously inexpensive, but it completes me and I'd feel naked without it!