pretty things from paris

Yesterday I came home to find this lovely package from my amazing friend Annie. She had just spent a couple of months in Paris (lucky girl!) and was sweet enough to think of me. "I keep on seeing things that remind me of you guys (more in Paris than anywhere else I've ever been, I think)!" I think that is a huge compliment! I love these little bits & pieces to, well, bits! I want to use the larger buttons on the "Boutons Tailleur" card, but I also think I want to frame the card as is! Thank you, Dreamboat Annie. I think that if I could have any wish, it would be that New York City were bike-riding distance from Toronto, as that is where Annie lives. Or that someone there would give me & Geoff jobs that paid a ton of money. You know.

Oh! Many of you are aware of the fact that I have been spending a lot of time at Robber (I do love pretty clothing and I adore Erin!). All summer Sarah McNeil's prints and drawings have been hanging on the walls, and this weekend is the last weekend they'll be up. I'm going to miss them! These two are the two prints I picked up from Sarah at the Hunt & Gather trunk show at The Workroom -- Geoff & I framed them recently in some frames we thrifted. They make me very happy indeed.


  1. How nice of her! I love the paintings and the frames look so nice

  2. Anonymous6.8.09

    Wow, I love this artist. I hadn't heard of her before... Love the drawing of the cat I saw on the Robber website.

  3. you should come to robber on saturday as i will be working with erin that day!