all modern giveaway winner

(Polaroid by Geoff, of our Midsummer Light)

I am posting this feeling a bit sad! So many of you entered the giveaway, and you left the sweetest comments and stories, or posted your own (mieletcannelle's post was so lovely, for example). There were over 220 entries in the end (comments + bonus entries), but unfortunately, not 220+ prizes.

The random number generator picked Carly Waito. Congratulations, Carly, and happy anniversary! You may remember Carly as painter of incredible mineral specimens and as a seriously talented ceramic artist. I happen to know Carly "in real life" and she is charming and kind. Actually, a few of my "real life" friends entered, because I am finally comfortable with telling them about this blog. Um, hi guys.

Oh and for those of you who liked the Chinoiserie placemats; I had accidentally posted a photo of the "multi" placemats, and not the vellum ones! The multi placemats have a bolder, larger pattern and are made of a linen/cotton blend. They are also $24 as opposed to $88.

Anyhow, thank you all so much for entering, for reblogging, and for writing Twitter updates. Thank you to All Modern for offering to send something to one of my readers. That sounds so funny -- I never expected to have more than three! Thank you for reading my silly little posts and for being so doggone nice. This blog has been a source of happiness for me and you are a part of that. The company had offered to send me an item to keep & review, but I was happy to give one person the opportunity to win something pretty. It seemed like the least I could do.

I hope to run another giveaway next week. Have a wonderful Hallowe'en weekend!


getting ready

I don't want to be a downer or anything, but winter has been on my mind. Fall always disappears so fast, and suddenly it's sub-zero temperatures, trudging through slush, and windchill factors (this video is, to me, completely appropriate for Hallowe'en week -- it is so scary). For the past few weeks I've been obsessed with finding a bag with a zipper or some kind of closure, because it is so awful to open one's purse and find everything inside covered in snow.

I decided to get a vintage Dooney & Bourke bag. That these bags have seen a bit of a resurgence over the past few years, and have become desirable (incidentally, Toronto, I Miss You Vintage has a nice collection of them for sale). They are weatherproof, and they have a preppy / collegiate look that I love. I bought this one from the great VerseauVintage on Etsy (such a wonderful shop, and she had it ready for shipping within half an hour of my purchase!). I can't wait until it arrives.

Too bad for you, snow! You're not hitching a ride home with me. I pretty much hate you.


all modern giveaway

As I mentioned here, I am hosting a giveaway courtesy of All Modern this week. I have selected three different items that are available for sale on All Modern; the winner will be able to choose one of these items. This giveaway is open worldwide (see below).

Lately it's been cold and wet, and I have had nights in more often. I would be happy to surround myself with such pretty things while staying home. I hope you agree. I also hope you like my choices! They are for you!

I had to choose something from the Chinoiserie collection by Dwell Studio.

(Photo via re-modern)

The lamp hanging at the top of this picture is the Midsummer Light, designed by Tord Boontje for Artecnica. The winner will receive the lamp in white. I picked this one because I have it, and I love it, and everyone who sees it also loves it.

Another Dwell Studio item: an organic knit blanket. If you click the link you will see this item wrapped around an adorable little baby! Keepin' warm! I choose this item one night when it was really cold. I wished I had one. It is made of unbleached, organic Egyptian cotton.

To enter, please visit All Modern, take a look around (might I recommend the Herman Miller section? Or Kittypod? Wow), and then leave a comment here. Please leave your email address (formatted as I have mine formatted in the sidebar to avoid spam -- there will be no mailing list business) if it is not readily available in your profile. Tell me which item you would pick if you won, or tell me about your dream bedding or sofa, etc. You can write anything at all.

This giveaway is open to everyone, no matter where you live. At the moment the shop only offers shipping within the US and Canada (for the record, I am not getting anything out of this, but I do think it's nice that they offer free shipping within the US and Canada on most orders). I have arranged with All Modern that if someone who lives elsewhere wins, they will ship the item to me and I will forward it along. I could not run a giveaway that was closed to my international pals, even if it will take a little longer for the item to arrive! Please don't keep your address from making you enter.

If you reblog this giveaway, please leave a comment letting me know and you will get three chances to win. If you link it on Twitter, please leave a comment letting me know and you will get two chances to win. (Blog posts take longer to compose, you see.)

I will choose a winner at random on Friday, October 30.

Thank you, All Modern! Good luck!



So, Hallowe'en.

Last year I went as candy corn for Hallowe'en, and while you folks were very sweet about my costume, it was kind of a flop! I went to a party and I got asked "what I was" many, many times. I thought candy corn was totally iconic. I guess academics don't eat candy.

So this year I am going as a cat. That's right. What a shocker. I would like to note that I am not going as a "sexy cat," and this is important. Anyhow, I made myself a cat mask using this tutorial, based on the (apparently) famous Maison Michel bunny ears.

They were easy to make, although the one major issue I had was that I think the wire I had was too heavy and the bunny ears flopped over. That is how I wound up with cat ears. I also used lace trim rather than lace fabric, which I had to stitch together in the front. I wasn't willing to visit more than two fabric stores for this and I couldn't find black lace fabric (just every shade of off-white, peach, and pink in existence). Trim did the job. I should have spaced the ears out better, but I'm not bothered. I kind of like the mysterious look of the lace over the eyes; I suppose it's a bit Ghost World, but it's Hallowe'en! Oh, mystery.

I'm going to wear this with a 1960s black and white lace bed jacket I have. Easiest costume ever.


dream bedding

This Monday I am going to host a giveaway for you guys, courtesy All Modern. I am so excited about it that I wish I could enter it myself! Be sure to check back. (Spoiler alert: it is not my dream sofa, the Jane sofa by Gus Modern, which All Modern happens to carry. Sorry!)

After seeing the post on the Dwell Studio blog about Kate and her Dwell bedding, I browsed the modern bedding on All Modern and was reminded of my dream duvet, from the Chinoiserie collection. I have admired this duvet for a few years and since I still love it, it must mean it's perfect. At this point I'm pretty tired of birds in decor, but in the context of chinoiserie-inspired designs, I love them. (This is the duvet cover I have at the moment, but because it would be too difficult to iron, my bed is quite the wrinkled nest. Oh well.)

Anyhow, be sure to come back on Monday! Happy weekend to you. xo

window shopping

Vintage tapestry skirt from persephonevintage, $40

Meaford extra long cowl from yarnovermovement, $60 (I have had my eye on this one for a long time -- did you see it on The Clothes Horse?)

Vintage white woven bag from VerseauVintage, $48

Meanwhile, away from Etsy, I would also really like this Permanent Vacation dress called Anna-Lena, which is practically my name. I tried it on recently (post-pumpkin party) and it was like wearing the clothing version of my favourite thing in the world at the moment, flannel bed sheets. That little tie is a suede cord!



Nadinoo is Nadia Izruna, a British designer who lives in Germany. I first heard about her when Francesca posted a picture of one of her dresses. I was impressed, and made a point of paying attention to her work. Have you seen Nadinoo's latest? Everything is so beautiful. Liberty prints and sweet details, and the mood photos are dreamy and lovely and perfect.

The peacock mini is my favourite.

Read her blog here; the online shop is here.


trunk show thank you

Thank you to everyone for a wonderful trunk show yesterday. Thank you to Karyn and Becky, thank you to my lovely neighbours Jen and Claire, thank you to the other vendors. Thank you Debbie and Ros, thank you to friends who stopped by the show and said hello (including Derek & Jackie, Michelle & Ryan, Laurie, Caitlyn, Celine, Laura Jane, and Sonja), thank you to those who said hello for the first time (Bridget & Philip, Michelle, Martina), and thank you to those whose names I didn't get. Thank you to those who I saw, but missed (Melinda, Shannon). Thank you to those of you who wanted to come, but couldn't! And thank you especially to sweet Geoff for helping me out so I could go for short walks and hide out in the kitchen from time to time.

Thank you, thank you. I managed to purge quite a lot of things that I was hanging on to for no good reason, and that feels nice. I got the cutest cropped jacket from Dana, which I'll try to share later this week.

Everyone is so amazing, even when I'm at my worst.

Quite a lot of people asked about the dress I was wearing. It's the dress above, by APC Madras. It was one of the many amazing new pieces that have recently arrived at Robber. While I couldn't quite afford it, I justified its purchase because I knew I would get a lot of use out of it. People asked if I had made it, which is a very kind compliment, and I even got a "So you bought that dress!" from Ayalah. It's currently sold out: sorry, pals. I think there is still one more of the blouse version left, though (and yes, I am there so often that I know the stock pretty well -- what can I say, Erin is the best).


pure rummage reminder

Just a quick reminder that this is tomorrow! (Click the image to see it clearly). I hope to see you there.

I priced out my things yesterday and almost everything is $5-10, and it's mostly vintage clothing.


diane k

I bought the September issue of Paris Vogue over the weekend; this was before I had heard about the October issue and the appalling spread with Lara Stone in blackface (not cool, Paris Vogue). Anyhow, one of the spreads that I really liked was called "Diane K" (another featured Lara Stone wearing lace and a cameo, while not painted black). Even though we've already seen hundreds of spreads inspired by Annie Hall, I was quite drawn to these images. I love menswear on women. I think it's partially a Capricorn thing.

tagged: time warp wishlist

I was tagged by the charming Miss Sophie at Les anti-modernes to create my time warp wishlist! She writes,

every season there are a few things that i really wish i had bought when i had the chance - when it went on 50% off sale at Bird, or, occasionally, at retail (!). you know what i mean? and then there are just some things that i managed to skip over entirely. it's fun to look backwards, as many of these are now 'new vintage'!

Here are the things I wish I had been able to buy. I limited myself to six items; I could go on forever. Tagging is hard to do, but I would like to tag Melinda, Hannah, Kate, Whitney, and Erin! Hope you don't mind.

Built By Wendy denim fanny pack. This one went on sale for something like $20 and I didn't snap it up. I tried to make my own version and failed miserably. The pockets were a challenge.

Amazingly beautiful vintage lace dress from Ramona West. Still kicking myself. Look at this thing!

Orchard House Dress by Elly Fales for Wiksten (still totally in love with sailor collars)

Hooded faux fur coat from leolucaescobar. Doesn't it look so cozy? Aahh, the hood!

Anaïs Anaïs by Cacharel EDT from the duty-free last week; so inexpensive, such nostalgia! This was the first "real" perfume I ever owned.


alex & joanna

Joanna has started to post her wedding photos (by Max Wagner) and I couldn't be more excited than if I had been there. For you see, I made the ties!

It's always an honour to be asked to make a tie for a groom. I'm often nervous about making ties for weddings but the two of them made it a breeze. Alex's is a one-off in pink seersucker.

I can't wait to see the rest.



Tipis from Vanilla Bug

A sweet reader named Mari wrote to me today asking for some help with shopping for a present for her boyfriend's birthday, which is October 20. She writes:

I've been looking on Etsy for the past hour and a half but there are so many things on there I am getting overwhelmed! I've only found two things so far, one of them being that excellent black gingham tie you have listed on your Etsy! Any help on Etsy or small indie shops that have online shops that you could give me? Any help would be most appreciated!

I'm sure we've all been there! Men are sometimes so hard to shop for. So please, let's help her out. I have suggested that she look through other people's Etsy favourites (here are mine, even though I haven't been updating them lately), and I also suggested the following online shops: Little Paper Planes, The Shiny Squirrel, and Tiny Showcase.

What are your favourite online shops and sellers? Are your Etsy favourites sensational? Are you an amazing Etsy seller? Let's hear it. Let's help her find her boyfriend the best birthday present ever.


vintage japanese schoolbag

Carly has me thinking about canvas and leather (classic combo) and today I spotted this bag on Etsy. It's so perfect, and can be used as both a shoulder bag and a backpack. Can someone please buy it before I am tempted to? I really don't need it.


les épaules

Burberry Prorsum Resort 2010
(via style.com)

After years and years of ripping shoulder pads out of vintage clothing, I am glad that structured shoulders aren't looking dated anymore. I love a strong shoulder, or a slightly puffed one. It has a menswear quality that I am happy to embrace. I generally prefer it to a curved or dropped shoulder, although I have square shoulders to begin with and will never achieve the softest neckline.

The Annabelle dress by Dace, which I have already mentioned, has sensational shoulders. I still haven't made it mine, but oh how I want to be!

When I was in Lisbon I went to Zara, where I bought a fantastic pair of red tights for the amazing price of €7.95, and a girl working there was wearing a black blouse I couldn't stop staring it: it had shoulders like some of the tops below.


an indulgence

For a while I have wanted a "proper" pair of sunglasses. A pair of sunglasses I would delicately place in a protective case rather than throw in my bag, a pair I would take care not to drop. It seems that every time I open a drawer, I discover some long-forgotten pair of cheap frames that have become forgotten for a reason. Erin had told me that once I had splurged on a pair of fancy sunglasses, I would never go back. So, I decided to buy a fancy pair of Chloé sunglasses -- but on eBay, where I got them new for $100 (with a certificate of authenticity).

And it was completely worth it! I can see so much better out of this higher quality lens, and when I'm riding my bike westward in the early evening, I don't have to squint as much. My forehead will thank me later.

I had no idea what they would look like on my face, but I'm pleased. I chose ivory-coloured frames because I kept thinking of all the pictures of similarly dark-haired Françoise Hardy in white sunglasses that I've seen. I have a square-shaped face, so I know that I should choose round frames; I also decided based on the fact that these are the same frames (the "Myrte") that I had selected for my post on Camp Comfort's "How I'd Wear It." I basically had to get them.


a giveaway winner & a trip

Hello everyone! I am back from my trip and would like to thank you all for entering the giveaway. I was so pleased that so many of you were enthusiastic about the Japanese pattern books I keep talking about! If you are interested in purchasing them yourself, I usually buy them from Pomadour's Craft Cafe on Etsy. She has a vast selection and the books always arrive fairly quickly. She was very helpful once when I asked if she could track down the Lacey Clothes Book for me.

Now for a winner: congratulations, Bridget! I will contact you for your details. I hope you will enjoy your new book.

I have a few vacation photos to share with you. I am not a very good traveler, and I always forget to take pictures. Can you guess where I was? One of my favourite things about traveling is how the air smells differently in different parts of the world. Here it smelled like cedar and rosemary, like sugar and anise. Food tasted better, too, I thought. These things can't be captured in a photograph.

(This is my favourite picture from the whole trip)