all modern giveaway winner

(Polaroid by Geoff, of our Midsummer Light)

I am posting this feeling a bit sad! So many of you entered the giveaway, and you left the sweetest comments and stories, or posted your own (mieletcannelle's post was so lovely, for example). There were over 220 entries in the end (comments + bonus entries), but unfortunately, not 220+ prizes.

The random number generator picked Carly Waito. Congratulations, Carly, and happy anniversary! You may remember Carly as painter of incredible mineral specimens and as a seriously talented ceramic artist. I happen to know Carly "in real life" and she is charming and kind. Actually, a few of my "real life" friends entered, because I am finally comfortable with telling them about this blog. Um, hi guys.

Oh and for those of you who liked the Chinoiserie placemats; I had accidentally posted a photo of the "multi" placemats, and not the vellum ones! The multi placemats have a bolder, larger pattern and are made of a linen/cotton blend. They are also $24 as opposed to $88.

Anyhow, thank you all so much for entering, for reblogging, and for writing Twitter updates. Thank you to All Modern for offering to send something to one of my readers. That sounds so funny -- I never expected to have more than three! Thank you for reading my silly little posts and for being so doggone nice. This blog has been a source of happiness for me and you are a part of that. The company had offered to send me an item to keep & review, but I was happy to give one person the opportunity to win something pretty. It seemed like the least I could do.

I hope to run another giveaway next week. Have a wonderful Hallowe'en weekend!


  1. Thanks for the chance! Congrats Carly! Lucky lucky lady.

  2. Oh darn, it wasn't me. I'm okay with that :)

  3. Aw... you're too darn nice. It's fun reading your blog!! Thanks for having the giveaway!! fun fun!

  4. Beautiful items and a great giveaway :) Happy to have your blog to read...I really enjoy it!