les épaules

Burberry Prorsum Resort 2010
(via style.com)

After years and years of ripping shoulder pads out of vintage clothing, I am glad that structured shoulders aren't looking dated anymore. I love a strong shoulder, or a slightly puffed one. It has a menswear quality that I am happy to embrace. I generally prefer it to a curved or dropped shoulder, although I have square shoulders to begin with and will never achieve the softest neckline.

The Annabelle dress by Dace, which I have already mentioned, has sensational shoulders. I still haven't made it mine, but oh how I want to be!

When I was in Lisbon I went to Zara, where I bought a fantastic pair of red tights for the amazing price of €7.95, and a girl working there was wearing a black blouse I couldn't stop staring it: it had shoulders like some of the tops below.


  1. oh such beautiful inspiration! i am also a big fan of structured shoulders and puff sleeves! i love that pretty floral top!

  2. I just got a great jacket from a thrift shop in Thunder Bay which fits so perfectly - BUT it has borderline-tacky padded shoulders. I think you have just convinced me to try wearing it as-is rather than tearing open the lining to take out the shoulder pads.

  3. I love this look. That first floral number is so great.

    ps. love the new glasses on you. good choice :)

  4. I already have broad shoulders and a small head, so I will quietly wait for this to go out of fashion...

  5. ah, i've always felt that i have somewhat broad shoulders for my frame, so i'm glad to see jackets and other shirts showing off this silhouette this season! but i'll always be a sucker for a black structured blazer :)

  6. Erin: I'm glad you like!

    Carly: Yeah, try it at least once! See how it feels. I'd love to see the jacket!

    Hello: I like the floral top too. She is such a wonderful designer.

    Miss Crowland: Aw, ha -- I'm sure it won't be that pervasive.

    Miss Sophie: So am I! That blazer is amazing, isn't it?

  7. ohhh man i LOVE that first blouse...the back!!! aaah!

  8. oh all of these are so pretty! i love how they are structured, yet still so feminine. great inspiration!