Nadinoo is Nadia Izruna, a British designer who lives in Germany. I first heard about her when Francesca posted a picture of one of her dresses. I was impressed, and made a point of paying attention to her work. Have you seen Nadinoo's latest? Everything is so beautiful. Liberty prints and sweet details, and the mood photos are dreamy and lovely and perfect.

The peacock mini is my favourite.

Read her blog here; the online shop is here.


  1. haha! i was just making a wishlist last night and looking at their etsy page http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=7074950
    soooooooooo many beautiful things! thanks for the heads up on her latest!

  2. oh! I love these clothes. And the online shop is also full of adorable stuff. Thanks for the post! I didnt know the designer but i'm definetely keeping an eye on her from now on.

  3. Love the second piece! It is indeed dreamy and lovely!

  4. Thank you Anabela for the love and support! I adore your blog x

  5. the last dress and the peacock mini are gorgeous! i'm taking a fashion sewing class right now, and am on the hunt to find a lovely liberty print cotton to line the skirt i'm working on this week :)

    still inspired (and impressed) by your amazing DIY wool coat post from a little while ago!