trunk show thank you

Thank you to everyone for a wonderful trunk show yesterday. Thank you to Karyn and Becky, thank you to my lovely neighbours Jen and Claire, thank you to the other vendors. Thank you Debbie and Ros, thank you to friends who stopped by the show and said hello (including Derek & Jackie, Michelle & Ryan, Laurie, Caitlyn, Celine, Laura Jane, and Sonja), thank you to those who said hello for the first time (Bridget & Philip, Michelle, Martina), and thank you to those whose names I didn't get. Thank you to those who I saw, but missed (Melinda, Shannon). Thank you to those of you who wanted to come, but couldn't! And thank you especially to sweet Geoff for helping me out so I could go for short walks and hide out in the kitchen from time to time.

Thank you, thank you. I managed to purge quite a lot of things that I was hanging on to for no good reason, and that feels nice. I got the cutest cropped jacket from Dana, which I'll try to share later this week.

Everyone is so amazing, even when I'm at my worst.

Quite a lot of people asked about the dress I was wearing. It's the dress above, by APC Madras. It was one of the many amazing new pieces that have recently arrived at Robber. While I couldn't quite afford it, I justified its purchase because I knew I would get a lot of use out of it. People asked if I had made it, which is a very kind compliment, and I even got a "So you bought that dress!" from Ayalah. It's currently sold out: sorry, pals. I think there is still one more of the blouse version left, though (and yes, I am there so often that I know the stock pretty well -- what can I say, Erin is the best).


  1. Anonymous19.10.09

    nice to meet you! martina

  2. glad to hear it was a fun time!
    that dress is so sweet..love the detail at the hem. i can totally see you wearing this a lot, like you say.

  3. so glad to hear that it went well :)

    isn't it amazingly therapeutic to let go of wardrobe bulk? i still dream of the day when i will 1) have my dream closet layout and custom designed space; 2) everything is edited to perfection; 3) every piece is a favorite.

  4. I actually thought you made that pretty dress!

    As always, it was fun chatting with you guys! Hope to see you soon!

  5. Bridget19.10.09

    It was cool to finally meet you and Geoff in person. You guys are so sweet and cute! And you actually remember our names too.

    P.S. I admired your dress as well. The detail on the hem is lovely.


  6. Well, so sad, that the dress is sold out. It`such a prefect winter dress. Lucky you!

  7. I love that dress too! Madras collections just keep getting better and ever more tempting.. x

  8. I was thinking about ordering this dress from the APC site - How is the sizing? In my experience APC runs big... Would love your input before I order.

  9. P.S. What website is the picture of the dress from??? I have been looking for other sites carrying the Madras collection. Thanks!

  10. Hi everyone! Thank you! I realize I forgot Amy, and Tasha... and possibly other people too! Thank you ALL.

    I answered Roberta Jane's Qs in an email, but in case anyone else is curious: I bought the dress in size M and it fits well. I would recommend a size down, because the fit is pretty loose. The picture here came from ASOS.com!

  11. You look so cute in that dress!

    I'm disappointed that your pretty vintage cream coat didn't look right on me. It's made from such a lovely textured fabric.

    But I still managed to have such a nice time at the show..