alternative apparel f&f sale

A while back I wrote about my favourite t-shirt, made by Alternative Apparel. From now until November 25, they're having a friends & family sale: 25% off plus free ground shipping within the continental US. Use the coupon code found here. I thought I would pass along this nice offer because a good deal is a good deal, and one thing I've learned from Twitter and from standing in line-ups at warehouse sales is that people love a good deal.

I am loving the silk modal shirts they have right now. How hot is the boyfriend tee at the top? So hot.


  1. I ordered a shirt from them because of you. It just sucks their shipping to Canada is $20. My tee came to $21 USD with the coupon so I'd be paying double for the shipping. Luckily, my friend is currently visiting relatives in the States and agreed to bring back the shirt for me.

  2. Oh! I hadn't looked at the shipping page. Hmm. Yeah, I guess FedEx flat rates are a bit high, but I'm glad you found a way around it!

  3. Wow, these tees look amazingly comfortable. I'm going to have to look into this.