frying pan ponchos

I have had these images of these blanket-like cloaks in my head (by Hannah MacGibbon for ChloƩ) for a while. I was pretty excited when I watched this video of Wendy Mullin of Built By Wendy on the Martha Stewart show, sewing something she calls a "frying pan poncho." Her ponchos made me think of these blanket cloaks. It looks so easy, and Wendy looks so cute in her belted cloak. I think I'll have to try making one for myself. Maybe with leather trim, if I can find some.

Maybe you should try it, too! The images above might prove to be inspirational.

(The video is a little awkward. Oh Martha. I love your passive aggressive hints.)


  1. Martha is so incredibly bitchy - in a seemingly totally reasonable way. She's like that friend who drives you nuts or the woman on the committee who's always making things difficult (but manages to fundraise a zillion dollars). I love her and hate her simultaneously.

    PS - Thought the frying pan idea was a little forced, though I really liked the ponchos.

  2. Thanks so much for posting about this, Anabela. You inspired me to pull out my sewing machine for only the second time this year! I have a picture up on my blog of my finished poncho if you want to see.

  3. those shorts are too cute as well!

  4. Haha, I love Martha's passive aggressive awkwardness too- it amuses me endlessly!

  5. Anonymous24.11.09

    i watched the video the other day... and definitely i'll make one!! seems so easy!

  6. I really want the shoes in the top pic. Wah! There is a good poncho in Zara at the moment, similar to a few of these, also.