robber shopping event

I wanted to pass along an invitation for a shopping event happening at Robber this Thursday; bring in a donation for the Daily Bread Food Bank and you'll receive 15% off your purchase. Peep the flyer for details!

I think I am finally going to pick up the Species by the Thousands wolf ring I have had my eye on since the summer. I'm just going to pretend it's a fox -- you know, like my spirit animal?

Come say hi!

(Flyer design by Caitlyn Murphy)


  1. I've got my eye on that ring, too. :) It is so lovely.

  2. That flyer is so cute! Talking about foxes, have you ever seen this little number, from Iggy & Lou Lou? http://bit.ly/88EJ2K
    It's from several seasons ago, I think - one of the "ones that got away" so to speak!

  3. wish I could go! your posts abt Robber make me want to visit sooooo badly...

    speaking of foxes, you should totally buy one of these pins (or make one yourself)...SO adorable: