christmas haul

(Geoff drew this for me)

I'm posting this a week late because I hesitated about posting it at all! Sometimes when I write about things that I have received or that I have purchased I feel a little showy. Even though my life is modest and certainly not filled with luxury, I do know what it's like to have no money at all. Possibly I am just too sensitive about these things. I enjoyed seeing what other people got!

I wanted to share what I got for Geoff, because I was happy with what I picked out for him. This year it was more important than ever for me to purchase things locally. Toronto is not New York or Paris or London, but we still have access to many wonderful things. I am happy to spend a little extra, when I can, to help ensure that we will continue to have this access to many wonderful things. It means something to me.

I got this hat by Fjällräven at Jonathan & Olivia. The little fox on the back sealed the deal!

I also bought him this shirt from Shared. Shared is a local company that makes t-shirts and some button-down shirts. I visited the shop on Bathurst and was glad I did because the fellow working there was so helpful and kind. This shirt fits Geoff perfectly and is so well made, with perfect details.

I got this Species by the Thousands ring from Geoff. I have wanted it for so long! We jokingly call it the "Alexa Chung" ring because when she visited Robber this summer, she bought the same one (I had admired it before she bought it, though, honest). Geoff also put some delicious vanilla black tea in my stocking.

The Sorel boots were an early Christmas present from Geoff. My brother bought me a copy of the Babycakes cookbook so I could return my copy to the library (yes!). I also got a little bit of money which I proceeded to spend on a pair of Hansel from Basel kneepad socks at Fawn Boutique, and on the Anna-lena dress from Permanent Vacation at the Robber Boxing Day sale.

I gave away many prints by Sonja Ahlers this year, because I love them so much! They're available at Magic Pony.

Yesterday my lovely friend Annie gave me this super fancy gift before she headed back to New York (sad!). Thank you, pal. My friends are the luxury in my life!


  1. Johathan and Olivia is such a nice store. It's nice to hear about other boutiques in the city, as I usually only go to the same stores most of the time (usually WInners). Sounds like you had a great Xmas.

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  3. I love looking at Christmas hauls. It looks like your loved ones spoiled you (which you very much deserve!). :) The ring is gorgeous, so is the shirt you got Geoff. I'll have to check out Shared sometime.

  4. the ring is adorable! yeah for shopping locally, the shirt looks very nice.

  5. very much with you re: shopping locally. And I love those Hansel socks!

  6. great gifts! i especially love the hat. the fox is so cute.

  7. Hooray for generosity! I agree that the socks are super and I hope they fill you with a special kind of mojo. Also your ring.

    I, too, feel self-conscious posting about purchases and gifts received, but I do so love to look at those that others are posting! Which includes yours :) It doesn't feel showy to me when you do it, so I don't know why I feel funny. I'm glad you shared these.

  8. Oh that's some epic stuff!! I've been thinking about treating myself to a little spa something in the new year - definitely a nice gift to have in your back pocket.

    Happy New Year to you both!


  9. I love the Xmas haul post! And you have done so well... Happy New Year.

  10. that Shared shirt looks absolutely amazing...hopefully they'll make their way down to the US...

  11. beautiful choices
    i have the kneepad socks and love them. the ring is really special.
    hope you are feeling better and happy new year

  12. Thanks, everyone! I wish I could say that the Hansel from Basel socks looked TERRIFIC on me, but sadly I think I'm too short to properly pull them off. Oh well! They are nice! And the Christmas money was unexpected anyhow.