handmade ornaments

On Friday Melinda and I met for coffee at The Common, and, as part of a trade, she gave me these ornaments that she had made. I love that they have the little heart shapes from the thrummed mittens we both have (the ones that I bought, and the ones that she made)! They are so very special, and demonstrates in small part how thoughtful she is; as with all her work, it's all about the details! I think it would not be so bad if I had these little paws up all year long. Thank you, Melinda!

I may try to whip up some ornaments reminiscent of Jenny's, using motifs from a cross-stitch pattern I got from Superbuzzy last year. Here is a surprise: I don't even like Christmas that much! I don't have any extended family nearby, and so the merriment quotient is quite low. If I ever have a child of my own, however, it will be nice to feel that Christmas excitement again, vicariously. And then I will be so happy that I have the sweetest handmade ornaments for our tree.


  1. Aww! I'm so glad you like them, and love the idea that they may be up on the wall year-round!
    I hope your Christmas is very merry, and I'll see you in the New Year!
    PS - I love your Bay hat!

  2. Oh yes, I LOVE them! Thanks again!