to receive without guilt

A few of you have posted a picture from each month of 2009, which I thought was a nice idea.






May, again








I loved 2009. I will love 2010. I hope you will too.

Thank you to all of you for reading. Thank you for your sweet comments and thoughts. Thank you to those who have become dear to me in "real life." Thank you to those who have always been my friend and who didn't think it was so unusual that I had this little blog.

Thank you to those of you who made a purchase from my sadly neglected Etsy shop, and to those of you who encouraged me to continue with it. I will be more diligent about things in 2010, I promise.

Thank you to those of you who have blogs and who share your lives with the rest of us so openly, exposing us to the beauty you find.

Thank you most of all to Geoff, the greatest partner in crime I could have ever hoped to find.

I do not usually make resolutions, but this year, I will resolve to "receive without guilt." According to a silly astrology book I have, to receive makes one feel vulnerable, "but to create luck one must be fluid, spontaneous, vulnerable, and above all, willing to gratefully accept help when it is offered." It might be from an astrology book but I think this is rather solid psychological advice.

The winner of the Hudson's Bay scarf is Lexie. Congratulations, Lexie.

Happy new year! xo


  1. Happy New Year, sweet girl! Your blog is one of my most favourite places to come and be inspired, challenged or to have a little giggle. Thank *you* for sharing your life with us!

  2. such sweet photos. happy new year to you anabela x (and geoff too!)

  3. I love the pictures for February and April!

  4. happy 2010 Anabela!

  5. lovely post Anabela, so nice to have made your acquaintance, i have really loved reading your blog in all its candid openness and honesty.

    i particularly loved the last bit about creating luck, there's lots to learn from that, i'm going to scribble it down in one of my new fancy Rhodia notebooks.

    happy times for all!

  6. Happy New Year Anabela!

  7. oh! thank you so much!

    i hope you had a wonderful new year's celebration!

  8. Thank you all! I have a special place in my heart for all of you. Seriously. xo

  9. I love your pictures!

    Happy new year :)

    x <3 x

  10. happy new year anabela. you are always a bright spot in my day!

  11. happy new year!
    i admit i've been reading your blog for quite a while but never commented. I've never been one to follow blogs much either.
    But I love your style and photos... and your glasses - wonderful!
    365 photos sounds like such a good idea. I've been thinking of doing that or the "Learning to Love You More" project for a while. I might do both.
    Love the blog!

  12. Peace and happiness to you in the New Year! Yours is one of the blogs I visit most often and I love your photos and creativity.

  13. happy new year anabela!
    this is such a good idea!i may do the same!
    i hope 2010 brings you even more joy :)

  14. just one little weekend free from reading blogs, and look at all the goodness i got to find on Monday! lovely shots!

  15. what a darling post and i must say, the june photo is just adorable..

  16. Nice retrospective of the year! I've noticed that loads of people have been doing it too. Some have even made theirs into mini-movies!

  17. I love your blog so full of sweetness! And those bunnies in mittens (which I want to call kittens in mittens even though they're bunnies!) are positively luscious!