emergency list

A few months ago in an email, Caitlin mentioned something called her "emergency list" which consisted of ideas for getting through the winter. At the time I thought it wouldn't be something I needed to think about too much. It hasn't been a particularly harsh winter; most days are sunny, it's not that cold, and I have only had to shovel snow a handful of times. Still, now that January is here, I have spent a lot of time thinking about my emergency list. It certainly beats thinking dark, sad thoughts.

Here it is, so far. As Caitlin pointed out, it often involves food.

1. Eating out at one of the many little restaurants in our neighbourhood. We can usually get a pretty decent meal for not too much money. Ethiopian, Vietnamese, Middle Eastern, Indian, Japanese, Korean, Thai, etc. I always feel guilty when we eat out because it's more expensive than eating at home, but sometimes all I want is jambalaya from Butler's Pantry and there is no telling me that I can't have it (although I haven't had that one in quite a while. Hmm).

2. Drinking. Obviously.

3. As badly as I feel about spending money on something of low quality that I will only wear two or three times, sometimes you can't beat a fast-fashion indulgence.

4. Daydreaming about summer. This actually makes me feel much worse because it seems so far away and because I'm not sure if my trips to the lake or trips to New York and Chicago will happen. I do like thinking about the lake, and floral swimsuits.

5. Impromptu dance parties. Sequins. Trying to draw out the extroverted side of my personality.

6. Thinking about hosting a Valentine's-ish party at my place. Possibly heart-shaped holographic glasses will be involved.

7. The mere idea of re-watching Wild Style is an effective mood lifter for me.

What's on your list?

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  1. I agree with the fast fashion, something as simple as a new tee or necklace can totally change my mood around. Planning trips is something that has always gotten me through time times, its nice to just have something to look forward to. Oh, and ice cream.

  2. This is a great idea. I HATE winter and am always trying to find ways to make it less awful.

    Thank you for your comment! Don't worry, I would only ever take 'adorable' as a compliment and you were very sweet to say it.

  3. oh a valentine's day party! do it. i heart valentines day. no joke.

    also, i think i need an emergency list. first on list: baths.

  4. food (ie. chocolate). flickr. get-togethers. spring daydreaming. that's what gets me through, happily enough!

  5. Anonymous21.1.10

    * Colourful tights! Pretty and fun and don't feel like you're spending money on silly things because even if you only wear them once it's ok(ish), and everyone needs tights, right? Helped by the fact that the madder ones I eye-up usually go in the sale so I pick them up for 25% of their normal (silly) price.

    * Hairslides and doing silly things with my hair. It rarely lasts because then a hat goes ontop of it, but it's fun to while away some time.

    * Catching up on soaps and dramas, watching five episodes or a series in a row. One winter I'm pretty sure I survived on Dexter and House alone.


  6. winter = good whiskey sipping, tights w/ dresses + ugly winter boots, under layers of blankets on the couch w/ cat + husband while we watch discovery channel shows on demand. (stormchasers + man vs. wild)

  7. i'm glad the list is coming in handy! Today was been very much a winter-blah day here- yucky yucky weather.
    one thing that i always tend to do in winter is watch more depressing movies haha..i'm trying to stick to comedies and other things. i think "revolutionary road" and "seed of man" last year really didn't help my state of mind haha.

    i made a fashion indulgence too! though it wasn't terribly expensive it is totally impractical and i have yet to figure out a place to wear it.. i got a LEOPARD PRINT ON LACE dress that was part of the rodarte for target line haha. i swore i was done with target lines but i tried this on and i think it looks cute on me?? help?

    james and i had a really blah sunday and it was totally saved by burgers from our favorite place and beer, haha.

    i'll have to collect my list and make a post as well perhaps.

  8. 1. Making loads of comfort food (rice puddings, soups, potato gratins).
    2. Venturing out to meet friends in country pubs with log fires.
    3. Accumulating a ridiculous amount of blankets & cushions for nestling on the sofa.
    4. Baths definitely come on mine too, with clothes warming on the radiator for getting dressed afterwards :D

  9. for me it is making summer clothes for my little girl (and some for me too). there is just something so silly about making tiny shorts when it's freezing outside that makes me happy. also i'm going to make lemonade lollypops when i get the molds.

  10. This is a great list and I am totally snagging some of these ideas for my winter blues. I had a valentine's party one year and it was a lot of fun, endless decorating options!

  11. Anonymous21.1.10

    hamilton, ontario?! if so, maybe you should save that trip for when i'm there in june.

  12. Anonymous21.1.10

    There was a really interesting segment of DNTO on CBC radio about a writer who was trying to live through winter in Winnipeg - it's good.

  13. i need to make one of these.
    but definitely one thing that has been getting me through is taking drives around town just to get out of the house, and big trips to the library.

  14. I don't have an emergency list, maybe I should !! Lists are never too much.
    First on my list : go to the hair stylist more often and keep a good haircut.

  15. Numbers one through seven are definite good additions to a winter emergency list...
    8. go and see a kick-ass rock show to support the local music scene.
    9. visit www.101cookbooks.com for killer recipes to up the waistline size and keep the kitchen and surrounding areas warm!
    10. take the chilly stroll and drop in on friends for #9 and #2 on the emergency list!

  16. I've been thinking a lot about dance parties lately. I love to dance! I can't think of anyone nearby who would come to a dance party, though. Oh well, a one-woman party it is. I believe that dancing, particularly in desperate moments, is a strong and noble thing to do. Perfect for dark winter.

  17. 1. Listening to records (esp. old movie soundtracks)

    2. T.V. comedies (30 Rock, Arrested Development) with cat on lap and husband by my side

    3. Cooking and baking (lentil soup, butternut squash lasagna, chocolate chip cookies)

    4. Tea and talking with a good friend

    5. Internet shopping, as always

    6. And a trip to the library (seriously, I'm a big nerd)

    - ellenitza

  18. #5 and #6 I definitely need to do! Thanks for sharing the ideas!

  19. i was inspired by this post so I made a little list on my blog too!

  20. You are all amazing geniuses! I am going to have to make an emergency list best of! Thank you all! xo