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Before I launch into this post, I just wanted to mention that my heart is broken after listening to radio stories about Haiti, and have made a (small) contribution to Médecins Sans Frontières' emergency fund. My thoughts are also with the Haitians abroad who are trying to find their loved ones. I am going to try to read about Haitian history so that I will not remain as ignorant about it as I currently am (here is a list of suggestions by Edwidge Danticat).

It is hard to shake the horror of those news reports.


Yesterday I received two things that I had wanted, and that two wonderful girls gave me without me having to ask.

I had always admired this picture taken by Erin, which was taken at an estate sale. I love the mood of it, and I often found myself thinking about it. It made me wish I had a beautiful carpet like that in my apartment. It's funny how it haunted me. When she reposted it on her blog in a year-end post, I left a comment (a typical type-before-thinking comment, really), and she sweetly offered to send me a print. It is so beautiful, and I can't wait to get it properly framed. What a girl. I hope we get to hang out this summer!

The other day I was chatting with another Erin, talking about things that I wanted even though I don't really need them (which is basically everything that I want, because there isn't too much that I actually need). I mentioned that I wanted a vintage fur hat. I told her about how I had visited a vintage shop in Mirvish Village that day; they had a few fur hats, all too small, but both the girls working in the shop were wearing fur hats that were lovely and that would have fit my head. Because Erin is a consummate thrifter and is an incredibly considerate person, she stopped by my apartment last night and surprised me with this hat. She had visited some antiques shops in Norfolk County and bought it (for next to nothing!), knowing it would be perfect for me. She even got the shape and colour that I wanted. I love it!

Thank you, Erins.


  1. you're so welcome, anabela. <3

  2. ahhh i've been looking everywhere for a fur hat like that! love it!!

  3. it is important to be aware of this! also look up Haiti Held Hostage - it was a play put on by a group of University of Guelph students that demonstrates Canada's complicity with the destruction of Haitian democracy.


  4. your shirt+fur hat+bangs+lipstick+background = lovely gorgeousness.

    ps: thank you for the links. i should be more aware too.

  5. So beautiful, all of it.

  6. a good name, hunh? as usual a post that is both sweet and thoughtful. glad to have a blog-friend like you.

  7. i think this is karma for you because you sent me such a beautiful scarf! xo

  8. I got a fur hat this week, too!! I'm so in love with it. You lucky girl. ;)

  9. Anonymous15.1.10

    Yay!! Least I could do for someone who is ALWAYS thinking of others... plus that hat looks tops on you.

  10. Anonymous15.1.10

    That print is lovely. Lucky lady!

  11. oh so cute love it I've also been looking for a kind of vintage beret on etsy but haven't been successfull yet. It looks great on you :)

  12. what a *lovely* post.

    thank you for posting about haiti; it's amazing to me how it's been but a quiet ripple in the land of design + creative blogs.

    also, i covet your hat.

    lastly, where have i been? just discovered this field, which, as promised, is marvelously guided.

  13. hopefully through people like you the word about the situation in Haiti will be circulate and more people would contribute to help them...

  14. thank you for posting about haiti. it's great to see fellow blogger's concern!

    i adore your blog, just discovered it. it's so lovely!
    have a great day


  15. I'm never sure what to say on the blog when something like the disaster in Haiti happens. It's such a huge and complex situation ... so I don't want to dismiss it in a couple of words, but nor do I want to talk at length about something I know nothing about. I think you have the right approach, though, and I'll follow suit today. Learning about the history is a good way to honour the people who we can only help in tiny ways (as is making a donation, of course).

    Anyway, rambling. That picture is really haunting - I keep looking at it again and again.

  16. Hi Anabela, I don't know if you would be interested but I tagged you to write about ten things you like. The idea is from Danielle at www.dinosaurtoes.blogspot.com/
    You hat is so cool. I love it.
    Whenever I go to the supermarket, I donate money to help out people in Haiti. It is heartbreaking.
    Have a good day! Take care.