pictures of pictures

I've taken a few pictures of pictures for my 365 photo project. I pulled out the stack of Polaroids this morning, because I had been thinking about them a lot. They make me feel a little sad, even if they record times in my life that were amazing. There are people in them who aren't around anymore, there are a lot of awful clothes and bad hair (what was I thinking in those years?), there are pictures that are blurry. Mostly there are pictures of people, and that is what I love best. I have lost a few Polaroids along the way, and sometimes I find the odd one in a book or a box. I took these Polaroids without feeling self-conscious. I took them without caring, even though the film was precious because of its price (I never imagined that it would be discontinued). They always turned out perfectly as far as I was concerned. It used to be a fun thing for me -- people LOVE being photographed with a Polaroid! They get really excited about it!

I don't think I could carry a Polaroid around anymore, even though I still have a few packs of film in the fridge. I feel strange about Polaroid these days. I started taking it seriously for a while, insisting only on using an SX-70. It got decidedly less fun, and more often than not the pictures weren't good, too yellow or too unremarkable.


  1. I love this post!

    I used to be a lot more puritanical about photography too, but now I just opt for fun and whatever camera is close at hand / I feel like shooting with.

  2. i know how you feel about polaroid! there's always a feeling when the shot doesnt turn out just right that you wasted 1.50 or whatever on a picture .. when, to me, "instant photography" should be more about capturing a sweet, fun memory than getting the perfect shot.

  3. use with abandon! I hear Polaroid is returning...

  4. That's a lovely photo of you both.

  5. thats a great project idea!

  6. haha i may know what you mean, even though i never had a Polaroid (wish i did!).. i did have one of those mini ones..i can't remember what they were called..

    i too have become self conscious about taking photos (of myself and even out and about) and i know if i have a hard time with my small digital camera, i would feel like such a cheeseball if i were pulling out a polaroid haha..

    i am totally inspired by your 365 challenge and i'm trying to get myself to do it..i know i will appreciate it in the long run and it will help me in a lot of ways.

    i rolled my eyes when i heard about lady gaga (i really just am not into her haha), but i trust your judgment/enthusiasm and maybe it will bring interesting things!

    p.s. that is such a nice photo of the two of you! great color!

  7. I adore the beautiful colors and quality of polaroid pictures, but I feel like I can't truly have fun with it because I'm constantly thinking about how much each picture costs :(

  8. The part about what you said with people being in your polaroids and how they are not around anymore is so true for me as well. it does make me sad. i had so much using my polaroid camera for FUN years ago but now it's more like a job.

  9. Anonymous19.1.10

    your fringe in that photo is fantastic!! I tried cutting my own fringe the other day it turned out sososo short!!

  10. youve got such a hearty collection of polaroids! i think they are the best photographic relics to have for looking at in the future.

  11. I could have written this myself! I relate completely. I have boxes and boxes of them IN ADDITION to the hallway in my apartment, which is all Polaroids.

    They are starting to be out of date though, and now I'm addicted to the little square prints I get from my Diana.

  12. I adore Polaroids, too... they were a huge part of our college life (my friends had those cameras that shot out little stickers) and I can't believe I once took buying film for granted. Now it's so hard to find and expensive that I take it very seriously, too (I also have an SX-70). In Asia, however, the Fuji Instax is easily available, so I'm trying to work more with that.
    Looking at old photos also makes me melancholy a bit... especially with friends I'm no longer in contact with (no matter the reason we no longer talk).
    the renegade bean

  13. i love polaroisds but i am very picky what i snap now.
    thank god for the instax mini now! im not very picky with this cam.
    just found you today

  14. Just so you aren't sad-Polaroid is back, use with abandon!

  15. Absolutely lovely. Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I added you to my links list so I can keep coming back.