aurora borealis

Tonight I find myself thinking about the northern lights and how I would love to see them, one day. I saw faint traces of the lights once, when I was a kid. They are so hauntingly beautiful.

(Click on the images for source and often, location.)

REPLIES: hooray, erica

I realize I never mentioned Geoff in that whole post -- so selfish! Geoff, of course, did a lot of work, helped put everything together, and ran out at the last minute to buy extra food and drinks. Thanks, babycakes!

carolyn: I'm glad you like them! I was pretty pleased to have found them.

erin / atlantictreefox: If you're here in July, I'll see what I can do! Ha!

Molly: Thank you!

Miss Crowland: Wise words indeed!

erica-knits: Yay yay!

CARLY WAITO: I knowwww, I was sorry you were sick! But I really do hope to do it again, and soon! That is, not in a year from now. It was definitely the people that made the party so you would have fit right in.

Chelsea: Aw, wow, thanks!

Celine: Pretty funny how it worked out that way! Haha, gold forks indeed. I have to reuse them so I'm sure gold will creep into a future colour scheme! Thank you for coming!

nice-etc.com / caitlin: The cake was the greatest. You should get those favours! They were on clearance where I got them but I might have bought them anyway. Thank you!

Roberta Jane: Thank you! The colours made me so happy.

Jane Flanagan: Ha, I love that description!

ilovesasek: Nooo, don't be jealous! Throw a party just for fun! And if you happen to come back home when there's another one on, you are most welcome to attend.

katrina: Aw, wish you could have been here! I bet Erica would have been over the moon about that!

amy: Thanks, miss!

kate / tinywarbler: Thank you, Kate! That is so sweet of you. It was a group effort!

r=: Yes, hope to see you at the next one! Maybe Geoff's 30th birthday park picnic?

covetry: Oh, please do!

erin: Thank you! It was so fun.

kater: It's still all over my floors! I don't want it to leave!

Aprile: I'm glad you brought Jory because it was nice to chat with him! And with you! See you again soon, I hope!

sn: The cake was a showstopper, for sure! Thank you!

elizabeth: Thank you!

Missa: I'm so glad you agree. It was so fun to smash up! Especially fun after a little sparkling wine! And hmm, I have been looking to get into a different line of work...! In my dreams!

claire: Oh Claire, thank you!

Joslyn: Please do! It worked out well.

shin ae: Thanks, lady!

Malicious Mallory: Thank you!

toronto craft alert: Ooh, palace! I love it! Thank you so much for coming & for bringing delectable brownies.

Julie: I'm sure Erica would have been happy to see you!

rennes le ch√Ęteau: Oh, I know. There's so much nostalgia in them. I think it's perfectly fine to be a little silly from time to time!

dearleila: Thank you! It was fun!

REPLIES: the next day

Sam and Livi: Thanks! I still have a bunch of them around my apartment. They sparkle so nicely.

Alyssa Zygmunt: Me too! I couldn't resist them.

May: It was nice to meet you too! Thank you! I'm glad you got to meet the others.

erica: Thank you! Luckily it wasn't too gruesome... unlike some parties I've hosted in the past. The day after the party was so beautiful and sunny, I couldn't help but take all those pictures.

Pretty Mommy: Thank you!

Celine: I love the traces of the pink icing left on them. I was sad to wash it off!

jordan: Wow, thank you so much! I love the mountaintops too.

erica-knits: That's perfect! And never "for me," I would not have allowed you to touch a broom! It was actually kind of nice to clean up the next day (your actual birthday) with all that beautiful sunshine!

rhya: Thank you! And yes, I plan to wear mine again.

-Alaina: Oh, good luck! So fun!

PinkBow: Thank you!

miss sophie: The smell of blown-out birthday candles is one of my favourite smells in the world. I just love it. It's a happy smell, for sure. I hope kids never have that taken away with some weird new-fangled LED something or other!

Hollie: Thank you, miss!

Debbie: So glad you came! It was nice to see you!


  1. This post reminds me of when I was thirteen or so, growing up on a farm in Belleville. One night, the northern lights came out for me and it was the most incredible moment of my life. Words can't explain the experience. I felt like the universe was showing me it's power in the most profound and personal way. It's like I shook hands with the almighty for godsakes!! Thank you for reminding me.

  2. growing up in good old northwestern ontario gave me quite a few opportunities to see (and interact with [if they're close you can make them come closer with sound]) the northern lights. i really miss them out here. and stars. i miss seeing star filled skies. there's too much light pollution over here to see anything!

  3. I'm from Northern Alberta and agree that the northern lights are SPECTACULAR. Just gorgeous and divine

  4. Beautiful photos. I'm obsessed with the northern lights even though (or perhaps because) I have never seen them.

  5. I saw them in Alaska. It's well worth a trip just for that purpose!

  6. oh my gosh i have been dying to see these.. i too hope one day i can see them! so so so pretty and magical and mysterious

  7. seeing aurora borealis is very high on my life to-do list. man oh man.

  8. sometimes you can hear them make sound. my best experience with them was when i worked in the queen charlotte islands. on the ocean between the islands and the mainland of british columbia, there is no light around. they were spectacular.

  9. aurora borealis exemplifies everything that is beautiful about our world. i am so glad you posted, this, and i am so glad i read/viewed it. great great great blog

  10. When I lived out in the country I saw them all the time. Now that I live in town I can only seem them faintly. They are a sight to behold! So magical.

  11. I would love to see that too! Someday I'll take a trip to the freezey north just for that experience!

  12. They appear a bit in Northern Wisconsin but one night in particular was the strongest I'd ever seen. I had just graduated college and was at our cottage with my closest friends; we watched with blankets and lawn chairs on our dock and Nick Drake playing on the old boat speakers. It was one of the best nights of my life. One day you'll see them strongly and it will be magical!

  13. so so magical. I would love to experience this!!

  14. those mountains--breathtaking.

  15. This reminds me of Peter Mettler's film, "Picture of Light". Have you had a chance to see it? We saw it at TIFF about four years ago. Beautiful and funny.

  16. this is definitely on my to do before i die.