diana mini

About two years ago, I bought the Diana+ camera made by Lomography. I don't remember how I came across it, or what made me buy it. I think I was attracted to the promise of "dreamy" photos. The style of pictures it takes is one of my favourites; I love the fogginess, I love the unpredictable quality.

One thing I learned (or rather, re-learned) from the 365 challenge is that I get bored really easily. I'm not too happy with many of the pictures I have posted, but I'm stubborn enough to keep at it. As an incentive, I ordered a Diana Mini camera and the flash. The Mini takes 35mm film, which I can walk across the street and have developed for a few dollars. I have to scan the negatives myself, but there is a Digital Imaging lab where I work that I can use for free. It took a long time and I got fingerprints and dust on the negatives, but it worked.

I am definitely enjoying this little camera.


(These are from two posts back -- it didn't seem appropriate to place these underneath my post about Y.)

Jane Flanagan: No, Jane, I LOVE it. What an honour, seriously.

kater: It makes me wish for spring, too! I can't have those brogues either and will console myself with the vintage ones I got on Etsy a few years ago. 

shin ae: You'll love it!

Post Grad Hair Cut: Oh wow, thanks.

Sam and Livi: I agree!

erin / atlantictreefox: Haha, Jane left you a response.

CARLY WAITO: The white version would look so cute on you! Robber is getting the white floral in a blousy tank -- oh man, so perfect. I'd just look pregnant.

Hello Lindello: Thank you!

Lexie: I'm glad you like it too!

nikole: I'm sure they do!

Lulu: Haha, yeah, I'm so predictable! But it's okay! If it's predictable about floral shirts, I don't mind one bit.

- - -

About my last post, I just want to thank you all for your comments and reiterate how deeply saddened I am. I lost a friend five years ago to a similar circumstance (and in fact, she and Yulanda shared a birthday, which is so strange), and it was something that has had a profound effect on the person I am today. You have to live your life with no fear and no guilt and no sadness because some people, people who are so deserving and who are exploding with wonder and beauty, are not so lucky. It's hard. I wish I had gotten to know Yulanda better, but I was afraid to send her emails. It seems so silly now. She will be missed. She was a lovely girl.


  1. i'm sorry to hear of your sad news, i hope there are still a few smiles filling your days. i know the feeling, and its a difficult one to get over x

  2. i always enjoy your 365 pics, & check on them religiously, i'm having a love/hate with this whole project myself...i'm sure things & hopefully my own pics will get better soon...
    i'm very sorry for your lose anabela, we recently lost someone over the holidays too, love tara-lynn

  3. That Camera is amazing..I love those photos!

  4. i always think you photos have something intanglible and beautiful about them, these ones you took with your film camera are no exception <3

  5. the red purse is my favourite one. i have a holga which i love but am lazy to get the film developped so really i have a holga and a pile of film that needs developping.

  6. oooh, i love these. i'd been wanting a diana for a while but i might have to check out the mini now!

  7. Anonymous13.2.10

    Haha thank you for not posting the truly terrible photos from the cottage dance party!! You're a good friend.


  8. these photos are so beautiful anabela! i've been wanting a diana for so long now, i should just go for it.

  9. I lurve Diana cameras...I almost picked one up in Copenhagen but I'm quite impatient when it comes to processing :( You photos look beautiful!

  10. The last thing I need is another camera that I intend to use, but never do. Your super photos and the 35mm accessibility are tempting me to get a Diana Mini.