floral tee happiness

Have you been reading Jane Flanagan and Tricia Royal's new blog on ReadyMade, Off the Rack? It's as wonderful as you would expect from two women who keep such insightful, inspiring personal blogs.

I was so flattered when Jane sent me a link to the post she wrote today: Style Inspiration: Floral Tee. She thought of me when she wrote it! So sweet! When I saw the post, I immediately began to laugh because I already own that t-shirt. I have the black version, as below. I bought it at Robber last Friday when Geoff & I stopped by to help hang feathers. I then proceeded to wear it three days in a row. Like you do when you get something new that is exciting to you.

For a few seconds I wondered if I had already mentioned the t-shirt somewhere -- but I don't think I did! Jane is just that good.

I also have the rosebud earrings from Atlantic Treefox, a tulip skirt made from the Wiksten pattern in the exact colour of the Gemma skirt, and wow, what I wouldn't do for those brogues! I think Jane has created my spring uniform for me.

Jane, thank you. I love it. It's perfect.

(Incidentally, a few of you have mentioned to me that Alternative Apparel charges quite a bit for shipping to Canada, but if you're in Toronto, Robber carries a nice selection.)


Bess: It's true, I have admired that about her for a long time! Thank you.

kerri: If it's any consolation, I never think that someone who doesn't respond is being rude. It's a lot to ask in the first place that people be willing to share their lives with strangers!

Olivia Jeffries: Thank you! I hope so.

danielle and dinosaur toes: I have tried to do that myself, but it's discouraging when you don't know if it will be read. This way, maybe someone will read it. We'll see!

Diana: Thanks. I have a hard time keeping up too, but I'm hoping that this will put a little more care into having a blog. I was horrified the other day when I started to delete an email with a comment in it before I had even finished reading the comment. A certain amount of mindlessness has crept in, when someone was nice enough to take the time to comment. Awful.

Meggy: I think she codes it manually, with a hard rule and smaller font size attribution. It's what I'm doing, too.

Hope Chella: I agree! I had to share it.

fanny: Yes, it's all about community!

Lexie: I tried to do that for a while, but it doesn't always work for me. For one thing, not everyone has a blog. Sometimes people will ask me a question and I have absolutely no means of responding other than in my comments. Also, it can be very distracting and time-consuming. I read blogs in one mode, I comment in another, and I reply in yet another.

Flor M.: I agree!

ilovesasek: I actually started thinking about this after reading a blog post where the writer was expressing unhappiness that she only gets comments on her blog when she comments on other blogs. I personally don't comment on other blogs to get comments on my blog, but I don't know what other people are thinking, and I am just going to put in that extra bit of effort. It's hard!

tara-lynn: Please never feel shy. I always feel so happy when you leave me a comment!

melly: Thank you!

hibou: I hope it works out. We'll see!


  1. Yay! I'm so relieved you like it. I've been shaky all morning wondering if you would.

    And no, I didn't know you had the tee. I saw it and thought I might create an outfit for myself with it. Then thought, who am I kidding, it's totally Anabela!!

  2. Oh man, I want all of the things in this post :( Especially those brogues, UGH! but they are a pretty penny, and also I am not allowed to buy them besides.

    And it all makes me wish so badly for spring.

  3. What a great shirt. I haven't been following that blog and I will have to check it out!

  4. Its really lovely. I find your style very inspiring.

  5. that is a verrry cute shirt!

  6. did jane know you had the earrings too?!

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  8. So pretty! I have a similar shirt that I managed to dump a plate of buttery perogies on in the summer (typical). I might have to get one of these to replace it.

  9. Congrats and how flattering. That tee does seem perfect for you!

  10. Hi Erin - no I hadn't a clue. I knew she loved your pieces, but didn't know which ones she owned!

  11. my boyfriend just got the alternative apparel catalog and i fell in love with that t-shirt too!

  12. oh, i love that shirt. i wonder if robber has one for me. :)

  13. haha that's hilarious =] and how great is it that she could practically read your mind? i'm in love with that shirt!!! it's GORGEOUS!