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Geoff has the opportunity to go to Heidelberg, Germany for a few days next week. He'll be giving a presentation at the university and will be rather busy with that, and it seems as though their weather is the same as ours at the moment (i.e. hovering around freezing). Still, I hope he can do some exploring. Have any of you been there before? Are any of you from there? Do you have any tips? If you have the names of any shops or restaurants to pass along, I would appreciate it. I am very excited for Geoff as it will be his first time in Germany.

He may also have the chance to visit Frankfurt for a day or so, as well. I wish I could go! But alas.


Hello Lindello: Oh, thanks. Sometimes it's fun to get a small amount of nice fabric like this, but sadly it's only fun when you can afford yards of it. Oh well.

erica: Yeah, match made in heaven, right?

Angelica: Thank you so much! The scarves are lovely indeed.

Celine: You could probably do it if you had a table wide enough. It would be totally not fun though.

rennes le château: If only!


  1. My mom is from Frankfurt, but sadly hasnt been there since she was 13 so I don't know much about where to go. Sounds exciting for him though!

    and I know what you mean about the fabric! When its expensive its also hard to decide what to do with it because you don't want to mess up!

  2. I have been but I was young. I remember it being a pretty town on a river, nice bridges... Um...

    It is small so he shouldn't have too much problem exploring, anyway.

  3. Ooh how exciting for him! I hope his presentation goes well. My father goes there every now and again for a few days (also visiting the University, he is an Art History Professor) and I hear it is lovely. Last time my dad was there he brought back some really good German biscuits. Germans do such great bread and cakes, if Geoff is working at the University hopefully someone will offer 'kaffee und kuchen' at 4ish.

    Not a very useful comment but I thought I would just chip in to say I hear it is a good place :)

  4. I lived in Heidelberg for 5 years (my mom was in the military)
    I loved it there and I cant wait to go back to visit.

  5. oh what a gorgeous picturesque photo! never been, germany is up there on my shortlist, along with france and italy! :)

  6. soo jealous of Geoff! what an amazing opportunity! I hope he has fun! I have only been to berlin, but definitely try their curry wurst. They are everwhere! mmmm!

  7. I've spent very little time in Heidelberg but friends of mine lived there so I can see if they can pass along some tips for Geoff.

    If he ends up in Frankfurt he must go to Portico... it's a gallery in the middle of a bridge in the Main river and it's pretty amazing. There are also lots of nice coffee shops and other things to explore on Brücke Straße in Frankfurt. The museum of contemporary art usually has good shows and if he's lucky enough to go when they are breaking down or putting up a new show the entrance is free... and there is usually lots of other stuff there to see. If he gets a chance to go to the Walter König book store in Frankfurt it is also pretty nice... lots of beautiful books about art, architecture etc...

    Fun travels to him.

  8. never been to this spot but love germany! such a beautiful country, really! my family lives in herford and it is just so charming there as i'm sure as it is in heidelberg

  9. I used to live there :)

    Heidelberg Castle - walk up to the castle and take the funicular to the top of the hill to Königstuhl

    Heiligenberg - across the hill from the castle. potentially a long walk if you go all the way to the top (taxis will take you up the back side of the hill)
    Take Schlangenweg (from the Alte Bruecke) up towards Philosophen Weg. You'll have a great view of the town.
    Philosophen Weg (Philospher's Way)
    Thingstätte (tranlslated wikipedia) - Third Reich era auditorium
    Michaelskloster (St Michael's Monastary)
    Heiliggeistkirche - Large church in the middle of Marktplatz (you can climb the tower)

    If you want to see nice castle (w/ beautiful grounds) outside of Heidelberg, visit Schwetzingen.

    Where to stay
    http://www.arthotel.de/art/ (I haven't been myself but it looks pretty cook if you like design / modern hotels)
    http://www.weisserbock.de/ (in the middle of the old town, close to Marktplatz)
    http://www.heidelberger-kulturbrauerei.de/ (just on the edge of the old town)

    What to eat / drink this list is pretty lengthy and I could probably go on for a while :) and there are obviously new additions around town.


    http://www.printmedialounge.de/ (near the train station)
    Schnitzelhaus Alte Münz, Neckarmünzgasse 10 (they have over 100 varieties of schnitzel! very local feel & recommended booking ahead)

    Coffee & Cake:
    Cafe Knoesel, Untere Strasse

    My favorite Bakery: Bäckerei Göbes, Plöck 34 http://www.nusszopf.de/ (I lived across the street from this place.

    For a fancy dinner - it's pricey: http://www.hirschgasse.de/flash.htm

    http://www.reichsapfel-lager.de/ (the front bar is better than the back bar called 's'Lager')
    http://www.destilleonline.de/ (fantastic local bar. they have some pretty cool shots... melone schnapps is delicious. they also have a tree growing in the middle of the bar)
    Lots more you can discover...

    Wine shop: http://www.wein-atrium.de/ (Hauptstraße 169 - 69118 Heidelberg (Entrance Dreikönigsstraße - in courtyard))
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  10. I've been looking for a lace tee, as well- this one is lovely! I like that you went for the baggier fit, very cool.

  11. I saw this post ages ago and was going to comment on it to say I'd been there but I can't remember a single place we ate (although there are loads of great cake shops!). And only now have I realised that that's actually my photo you posted! And I didn't even realise.

    Anyway, I hope he had fun!

    vic (lost.net.au/vic)

  12. Thanks so much everybody for all the well-wishing and suggestions. The trip was a great success I think! I'm not so thrilled with my photos but I'll post the best ones to my flickr soon.