mociun hand printed fabric

I love this hand-printed fabric by Mociun that is available at Beklina. I finally did a little garment sewing for myself this afternoon and wished I had a yard and half of the black one at the bottom.


Jane Flanagan: Thanks! I hope you had a lovely day.

Lexie: You too! I hope you got some delicious treats yourself.

biotechnology: It wouldn't be the same without them!

Hello Lindello: Thank you! I hope you had a nice one too.

stephanie renee: I'm glad I'm not alone in liking the mistakes.

danielle and dinosaur toes: Thank you! It's definitely something I knew more about, but I'm happy when the accidents happen.


  1. I saw this fabric today too!
    So tempting. Your lucky you can sew. I bet you could make something mighty nice with this stuff....

  2. ooh nice, i'm glad beklina is carrying more mociun fabric!

  3. Hi Anabela,
    Thought I would come out and say hello because I enjoy reading your blog -you have a lovely blog!
    I love mociun prints as well. I was thinking of purchasing one of the scarfs they had on beklina!


  4. ooh the bottom black one is so cool!
    I always wondered how people silkscreen on fabric

  5. If only money grew on trees, I'd love to make some dresses out of that.

  6. very cool fabric! i don't know if i've ever seen anything like it!