playing favourites

I was tagged by Sophie to share my favourite pieces from my closet. She said, "i think taking a peek into someone's most-valued-pieces in their closet can be quite revealing. it also brings to light the depths of sartorial experience beyond just coveting beautiful, 'fashionable' things... your favorite dress, jacket or pair of shoes embodies memories and has transformative powers that make it special beyond its materiality alone."

Although a lot of these are fairly recent acquisitions, they are my current favourites. This makes me feel as though I'm all over the place, but I really am all over the place in what I love.

My floral leggings. When I wear these I feel a little bit as though I am wearing pyjamas, but I love them. The top two pairs are from a Spanish company called Oysho. The pair at the bottom is from Permanent Vacation.

I got these vintage Kork-Ease shoes from Etsy, and I'm pretty sure they had never been worn before. The bottoms were perfectly clean! I love the A.P.C. Corkies, but these ones were $35. Of course, I have yet to wear them, but I intend to wear them all summer long, and with tights in the spring.
Alternative Apparel modal silk boyfriend tee. This is the first thing I grab when I don't have a specific idea of what to wear. It sits at the top of the pile of clothes I throw on the chair in my bedroom. It's sheer, but it's perfect for layering. The silk makes it feel so nice against my skin. I just love it.

Grace portfolio clutch from Jessica Jensen. This is probably the most grown-up thing I own -- it's perfect for when I want to act my age, which I do sometimes, although very rarely. I got it at a sample sale at the Gladstone, caught up in sample sale madness (women grabbing six bags at once! My goodness).

I've mentioned this Mociun tie-front dress before. I wear it quite a bit. And every time I do, other girls tell me how cute it is and ask me about it. I started carrying Robber business cards because of this dress!

I have been just crazy about the colour peach for the last year or so and I'm glad it's still around. That issue of Russh is from last year, and this is the most recent Frankie. The other day I bought this new Essie nail polish called Tart Deco. It's a bit coral, a bit pink, and very perfect. I keep looking down at my nails and smiling.


mon ami: I hope you did, and I hope they did.

erin / atlantictreefox: I hope you get to! It sounds like a lot of fun.

Melinda Josie: You're right! It is a magnolia. We won't see those until May! And I'm so glad you're interested in the classes. So fun!

K.Line: Yes, so thoughtful!

Rebekka: The Impossible Project makes special editions of film in smallish batches. Shipping to Canada is $50 because we're considered "rest of world." Shipping to the US is only $10, though.

miss sophie: Haha, already emailed you about that.

Coriander Girl: So exciting! Thank you! I'll keep my eye on your blog.

-Alaina: Really? That's good news!

Miss Crowland: I'm glad you like it!

Missa: Oh, lucky you. We won't see those for another two months.

Jane Flanagan: Thank you! I always feel so unsure about my own photos!


  1. Anonymous27.2.10

    what great pieces...the floral leggings are great..and they look pretty comfy too

  2. oh my gosh, i am in love with your floral leggings! what a lovely lovely idea to pair gorgeous floral prints with such a versatile - and dare i say, oftentimes boring - layering staple :) that mociun dress is quite wonderful too - it's so you!

  3. floral leggings are so cute! I don't think they look like PJ's at all! But I am sure they are as comfortable as PJ's! I like the fabric in the middle so much!

  4. that nail polish sounds perfect! and i bet that silk modal tee shirt feels like a cloud!

  5. your floral leggings are so perfect Anabela. i need to find a pair of those! where in toronto can i find oysho tights?

  6. What a perfect little list...love the floral tights, the shoes, I've keep meaning to order one of those silk aa tees and peach is always my fave!!

  7. oysho has some really nice pyjamas. i bought a pair of shorts there when i was 17 living in spain and i still wear them today. the most comfortable pair i have ever owned

  8. Anonymous1.3.10

    I love your collection of floral leggings, so cute ^.^

  9. nice clutch, dress and leggings!

  10. the leggings are adorable
    are they available online? couldn't tell through the link
    i also love the clutch

  11. lovely post. actually I think I'm gonna photograph my own favourite things and make a small album for the days I feel a bit down :)... there are some objects/clothes that just make me happy whenever I look at them.

  12. catching up on your blog..
    love all those florals together. nice material for leggings, too!
    now i see the polish and it's a very sweet shade! i mostly wear nude or soft pinks like this..i am afraid to go too bright because my nails are never correctly manicured and i am always messing them up all over from various projects and bad habits. :(

    i don't have that issue of frankie yet..are they still carrying it in canada then?