I really love these shirts from STYMIE. The line is a collaboration between Julie Cloutier and Claire Nereim (incidentally, I got these notecards in the mail last week, ordered specially for a lovely double birthday party, and they are so amazing). Their alphabet is the most unique one I've ever seen. I always appreciate a combination of art and fashion!

Pssst: for a 20% discount, use code "SDNEIRF" ("friends" backwards!) at checkout.


Hello Lindello: It's definitely exciting! It looks like a really nice town.

nice-etc.com / caitlin: Hey pal!

Caroline, No.: Yeah, that's what it seems like. Just thought I'd ask anyway!

alice: Actually, your comment prompted him to look at the colloquium itinerary and it seems that every day at 4.30 there is a scheduled coffee break!

Gwen: I hope you get to go back soon.

miss sophie: Mine too, definitely. All of them! I've been to France but I was 17 so it hardly seems to count.

tara-lynn: I know, it's a bright spot in this bleak winter.


  1. nice lines.
    and I really like the tattoo on the girl's arm in the first photo.
    see you saturday :)

  2. i love the tattoos too. i have a deep seeded fear of permanency but i these make me reconsider. oh yeah and the gear is amazing too!

  3. These are awesome - I love how simple they are yet so unique.

  4. i love how simple and clean they are, perfect to wear on any day.

  5. Love the first shirt. So perfect!

  6. i'm not usually a fan of graphic prints on shirts, but these are so nice and simple. thanks for posting the coupon code, too!

  7. I really love the simplicity of these shirts. They look very comfortable too.

  8. these are great! and I LOVE my birthday card!! xo

  9. I really like simply designed t-shirts like those (the second is my favorite), but what I really like is the tattoo of the flower (?) in the first picture!

  10. Anonymous20.2.10

    LOVE. I am such a sucker for alphabet-related anything!

  11. i didnt notice before but the first model has a nice tat on her arm. and as i look left i see that a lot of other people noticed the name. so nice lines and contour tats.

  12. I love these shirts. Thanks for posting them!