arrowhead necklace winner

I wanted to announce the winner of the arrowhead necklace giveaway from Big Tinsel: lucky #13, Annie. Congratulations: you're getting something really lovely! Thank you to everyone who entered.

Have a wonderful weekend! I nearly forgot until just now that I'm going to be seeing Joanna Newsom tomorrow, so that will be a highlight for me.

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Chelsea: I know!

lady elle: I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Every Little Counts: Yeah, for sure... yet it manages to be soft and feminine as well!

Hello Lindello: Good luck with the hunt for red!

demo derby: I love it too!

hibou: I wanted to go to the show, but it's a part of Canadian Music Week, and it's raining, so I think I'm going to find something else to do tonight!

Caitlin Shearer: Hooray for you!

tara-lynn: I'm so glad and I can't wait to see what you come up with.

CARLY WAITO: You have lovely hair, lady!

Roberta Jane: It's refreshing, I think.

miss sophie: Yes, exactly!

Reanna: You're welcome! Best quote ever.

rennes le château: I know -- it's partly why I felt compelled to post most of it!


  1. yaaay! congrats you lucky girl. have fun seeing joanna newsome!

  2. Anonymous12.3.10

    i just started getting into joanna newsome. have a lovely time!

    xo Alison

  3. Isn't that weird? My birthday is on the 13th! Congrats Annie, and thanks to everyone who participated and visited my shop this week.

  4. That was one (if not THE) best show I've ever been to. I think she actually got me a little teary at one point. It was beautiful. You'll have the best time!

  5. hey lady, hopefully we run into each other at the show!!! i'm coming in for the night, as jlee is treating me to the show.xo

  6. I'll be at JN too! see you there!

  7. Lucky you! I saw her at the time of her 1st album. I hated her voice on record until I saw her live at a festival. She was so talented, so beautiful, I ended up buying the album right after the show!

  8. Anonymous15.3.10

    lucky you, going to see joanna newsom. i just read she was dating andy samberg. i can't wait to get her new 3 disc album!