"Dreamer" is the name of the A/W 2010 collection by Australian designer Karla Špetić. Some of the silk used in this collection is illustrated with a print by Caitlin Shearer, one of my favourites. I love the fact that this is an A/W collection, but the colours are bright and pale and perfect. I couldn't resist posting nearly the whole lookbook, because I would like the whole lookbook to exist in my closet. I have been seeing so much of the same old, same old, but this grabs my attention like nothing else.

I am pretty in love with everything that is produced in Australia and New Zealand ("Canada's hot cousin") these days. For example, Sally Seltmann! J'adore.


Kate: Oh man, we are sisters in our weirdness, because my brain is cat obsessed too.

kristina [ the darling house ]: Haha, I have that app, although I don't really use it. Thank you!

CARLY WAITO: Aw, thanks, pal! Of course I do!

Rachel: I know! The mrrroowwwww! I have to laugh every time.

jan: Thank you!

rennes le château: It's nice to be understood.

Hope Chella: I'm glad you like it!

Nic: Thanks for being my dealer! Haha.

HolgaJen: I found some pictures on Flickr and they look pretty great! I should maybe start a Flickr group, haha.

Fran: Thank you!

shin ae: Aw, thanks! And yeah, it's been a great week so far!!

livin wide: It takes a lot for Oreo to be impressed. She is so weird, but I love her. Thank you!

erica-knits: Aw, thanks. Maybe! There are a lot of sad outdoor cats out there! Breaks my heart!

Hello Lindello: Thank you! Weirdly enough the lipstick I'm wearing does NOT look like that in reality. It's just the lighting that makes it look dark. It's actually a very light coat of Clinique's Blushing Nude. It's really a "barely there" lipstick, but Photo Booth made it almost red! And the camera blue.

*gemmifer*: I'm glad you liked it! Seriously! Japan! So amazing!

Roberta Jane: Haha, thanks!

Heather: I know!!

a cat of impossible colour: Seriously!

Diana: It will probably end up being a bunch of terrible pictures of Oreo, but I saw some pictures taken with it on Flickr and they look really nice! Of course, a lot of the pictures there were taken in Hong Kong, which is a pretty nice-looking place.

Parapluie: Thanks!

dearleila: Thank you! I know... I keep thinking about how I could get really fancy camera stuff (or maybe a camera how-to book, so I know what I'm doing) with the money, but this stuff is so fun!

alice: People on Flickr said their cats freaked out when they heard the camera... so some cats like it. Just not mine, haha. It's super loud!

Duermevela: I will!

charismagic: Thank you -- I'm pretty tired of it right now, but too scared to cut it!

Megan: The light show is pretty sweet! The video doesn't even show it in full -- it has red AND green lights.

nice-etc.com / caitlin: I'm so glad you liked it! Totally special cat powers!

Carmen: I'm glad! I never used to like cats myself but man, I'm pretty crazy about them now. Thank you!

Julie: I love the packaging too! It's all about that cat holding up the camera. Makes me giggle.

modish: It took me a while (that is, two whole days) to decide to buy it, because it's hard to justify $50 on something kind of silly. But I've gotten $50 of fun out of it, for sure. And I haven't even developed my first roll yet! Thank you!

sweetie pie press: It is so preposterous! I love it.

Caitlin Shearer: I will have to be careful!

Sarah: It's awesome!

Missa: Aw, thank you! I pull a few mime-like moves!

Kristen: Blush blush.


  1. DUDE, seriously?!?! this collection is ridiculously awesome...! thanks for sharing!!!

  2. wow, there is some definite architectural genius going on here. and i love the colors!c

  3. oooh geeez those prints are amazing. Lovely, just lovely.

    Thanks for telling me about your lipstick. I really wish I could find a red like that...

  4. i love love love the half pink / half orange cardigan.

  5. That golden yellow is so shocking on this palette! Love it. Are you going to see her live?

  6. <3 <3 <3
    i suppose it's time to reveal these on my own blog!

  7. i love all of these!
    as well, i'm so inspired, & for my own sake i feel i'm really on the right track in terms of the ideas in my head for knits, i'm knitting tube/skirts at this very moment, & these really help me feel i'm going in the right direction...
    thanks for this post anabela, i never know about any of these labels, & its nice to have you always share these wonderful collections, ect
    love t.l.

  8. So great! And I love the models hair. I wish my hair was that blonde.

  9. I love the color palette!

  10. that pastel print jacket is amazing! completely embodies spring dressing for me.

  11. Seriously, Canada's hot cousin is on fire. I just arrived and I'm smitten. Australia is busting with all things awesome. Dreamer is just the beginning...

    PS Love your blog & thanks for the shout out!

  12. i love how these pieces flow together nicely, so seamless!

  13. those colours are perfect for a/w.
    and sally seltmann - love her. she's playing the rivoli tonight. woo.

  14. i looooved all the stuff...

    so bright...

  15. wow, the use of colour and draping is amazing! thanks for sharing!

  16. I just recently got to spend about four days in New Zealand, which was just enough of a taste to add dangerous amounts of fuel to the fire of my obsession with the country. I need to go back, ASAP! Ah but anyways, I love this collection, and I love the Caitlin Shearer prints as well! I can't believe I still haven't bought myself one of her drawings, they're all kinds of amazing.