fogged film

I don't pretend to know anything about photography and/or cameras, so it's all still very fun for me. When I picked up the first roll of film that I had taken with an old Russian camera called a Smena 8m (I got it on eBay for maybe $12), I had to laugh. They had written "fogged film" on the package. I accidentally half-exposed the whole roll when I wound it (oops), but I think the results are kind of amazing.

I took the first two at Robber one night when I was there to close the shop: I spy Hansel from Basel tights, and paper feathers! And a bike and a bird house...

REPLIES: small weddings

laurie: Yes, it does look perfect! Who knew that a little thing such as just wearing your hair the way you wear it every day would make it so perfect.

avalonne: Thank you. I agree! Everyone is so different, yet there seems to be pressure to have the same sort of experience. Although these comments tell me that most people fight that pressure!

Chaucee: Well, I've enjoyed being engaged and knowing that one day we're going to make it official! It's just things like, well, for example, the clerk at the post office insulted my ring to my face (which was so ridiculous, and I didn't take it personally, because it's just too ridiculous). It is lovely! It's this one (I honestly didn't even NEED a ring, but Geoff insisted).

Jane Flanagan: Aw, you're the best. When I was writing the post I wondered if maybe it was a bigger city thing -- there are a lot of people here who have A LOT of money ($600K for a starter home? What?). I just feel that it would be wrong and weird to have a big blow-out. It wouldn't reflect me or Geoff or me and Geoff at all in any way! I can't even imagine the sorts of pressures one feels when one has children in this sort of culture!

Kate: Thank you for sharing that. I think there is a lot of pressure and guilt involved in this sort of planning. I think one of the reasons why we haven't just gone to City Hall ourselves already is because of the guilt and pressure, because I would have been happy to swing by a long time ago. I could never go by what my mother wants. I know the thing she wants most in the world are pretty pictures of me getting dolled up in her house (because that's soooo me), but maybe I'm "so old" now that she doesn't even care. She just wants grandchildren! Also, my brother was married a few years ago (although that marriage ended) in a beautiful, historic hall, and when my mother first saw it she cried. It was "too small." Ha! She knows now that I just want a City Hall wedding, and even though my parents are religious Catholics, I think she's over it.

alyson.: Thank you! I do love tradition, but I think the tradition can be found in the vows, and in the act itself... Your wedding is going to be beeeauutiful, I know it!

Elena: Thank you!

whistlepeaknits: Oh man. I'm sorry to hear that, but I'm glad you have a partner and a marriage you can be proud of today.

Rachel: Thank you, and yes, that is very nice!

Melinda Josie: Whatever you end up doing, it is going to be beautiful and wonderful and lovely, because it will be you. Good luck with your planning, and I can't wait to see what you do.

Michelle: Thank you. I can't even look at bridal magazines! They make me crazy.

Chelsea: Thank you!

beautifulpaper: Thank you! I'm glad you're happy with what you chose in the end. I know that usually people have good intentions, but then there are the people who are just straight-up judgmental! Also I'm just sensitive. Haha.

kate / tinywarbler: Thank you! I'm so glad you had a wedding you loved. It sounds great to me!

kerri: Aw, shucks!

kenzie: Thank you! I love the image of a young bride & groom just collapsing in a heap of laughter at it all being over. Amazing!

vanessa.e.: I'm glad you like it too! I agree -- I like how carefree and happy they look, without a Bumpit in sight. I think it's very romantic, too! I like the spontaneous feel.

stephanie renee: Good for you! And thank you!

Chau: Ha, maybe I will wear those party hats! Why not? Who cares! Good luck with your planning.

Ringo, have a banana!: Trust me, I live in a city where I regularly see stretch limo Hummers (or whatever they're called) transporting giant groups of bridesmaides & ushers around on Saturdays. It's pretty crazy. I can't relate to that kind of thing AT ALL.

K.Line: Before Geoff proposed, the idea of getting married kind of embarrassed me. Then once I started thinking about it, I realized that the tiny of sort of wedding that I want is something I can deal with and actually welcome. I think your wedding sounds lovely, although I'm sorry to hear about your parents. That's the part I have to deal with, too. Maybe I'll get knocked up first, then get married -- at which point they'll just be relieved. Har har.

tinypaperheart: Thank you! I love it too.

kater: Thank you! Your parents sound pretty rad, by the way. I think that's a good way to go too. I DO enjoy looking at other people's wedding pictures, but only when I feel completely separate from it -- when I start to think "OH NO I NEED LETTERPRESS INVITATIONS," I know I have to step away. I can feel happy for people who have weddings that I wouldn't want for myself! I just don't know why it can't be the other way around, sometimes. Does that make sense?

Lexie: I started reading that book too, but couldn't finish it because it was so horrifying to me. Thanks for the list, it's perfect!

Celine: Thank you! Your wedding was beautiful, with the most gorgeous dress.

erica-knits: Aw, thanks lady! xo

rennes le ch√Ęteau: Thank you! I agree 100%.

sn: Yes, the pictures definitely add to the feel of the wedding. Plus they had beautiful scenery, which helps... but it still feels easy, breezy! The colours are so pretty. As I said in response to someone else, I know that people have good intentions. But it can still be hurtful. I suppose I can be hurtful too when I angrily proclaim that a big wedding isn't for me -- people get really defensive about these personal decisions, and I do too. But yes! I agree. One of my favourite pop culture wedding moments was John & Yoko in Gibraltar!

hibou: I'm glad you like it! Yes, it is weird... a friend of my mom's told her once that if the ring didn't cost $10K, it wasn't worth it. What? So crazy. And thank you!

Rhiannon: I know what you mean... I was actually engaged before, when I was super young, and I just couldn't go through with it (I was 23 at the time). I looked through bridal magazines and I went to a terrifying "bridal convention," but I never felt any connection. And I'm glad that it happened, because it made me realize other things about my life. And now I know what I want and I know how to get it!

soulier dans la neige: Thank you! The funny thing is that my parents had a small, beautiful wedding in a restaurant in Lisbon. My mother even just rented her dress. It was modest and lovely, and when I was a little kid I didn't know why I wasn't there, haha. I'm glad we agree about these things!

Laura: Sure, it would be nice if everyone respected everyone else. I suppose I do judge people who spend half a million dollars on their weddings (I have been to one that cost that much money), but ultimately I don't think I would give anyone grief about it. I hope not, anyhow. I try to be mindful!

t a n y a: I'm glad!

miss sophie: I can't think of anything more personal, except having babies, and weddings & babies are the two things that seem to invite "well intentioned advice" the most! And thank you! My ring pops up in pictures from time to time, but this is it here. I had originally chosen one of her rose diamond rings, but then thought, who cares? Let's save money! Haha.

shin ae: Oh, I can only imagine what happens when babies are coming! I'm glad you were able to trust your instincts. I know you are a wonderful mother. Thank you.

Elizabeth: Thank you!

Juli: It's pretty perfect.

nice-etc.com / caitlin: To be honest it doesn't happen that often, but I don't talk about getting married too often. Sometimes I think I'm just too sensitive, but I can't help it! Most people are respectful. I do wonder if it's a sign of the times because a lot of people are commenting here about how they love or had small weddings! Although I can pretty much guarantee that this summer I will see loads of decked-out limos with ten bridesmaids inside...

jessica: Oh, that's so sad! I feel for your friend. It seems to happen a lot.

jenny gordy: Aw, thank you for sharing! I feel exactly the way you did. When people ask me if I have a date, I get all flustered and anxious because I don't! No one asks Geoff that, either! Just me! So crazy. Your wedding sounds perfect and I bet your pictures are wonderful. The STARTING rate for photographers around here is $2500 (I'm sure it's twice that in NYC) and although I know they are professionals and should be compensated appropriately, that is bananas to me. Who needs one million pictures? I know there are people who want nothing more than a beautiful, posed portrait for the mantle, and that's cool... but I have friends who could take that super nice picture for free and it would be perfect. Thank you.

Hello Lindello: Oh wow, your wedding description made me go "aww" because it sounds so amazing! Thank you for sharing. SO beautiful.

Jena: I love it. Yes! Thank you!

christinamm: Oh, congratulations! It will be wonderful!

angelune: Your grandparents were dashing! And I think I love your parents. How amazing! And you're totally right. The wedding has nothing to do with the marriage!

Bess: Yay, so glad I'm not alone. I always feel like a huge slacker for being engaged for over a year and not having a huge binder full of magazine clippings! Good luck! Thank you!

Julie: That's not so bad! If that's the worst part, it really wasn't so bad. Congratulations, it sounds lovely!

ilovesasek: AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!! That sounds like a perfect dream come true! Dovercourt is very special to me (Geoff was living on Dovercourt when we met) and I love Aunties & Uncles and wow, that bit of text has inspired me more than any wedding blog ever could. I don't have any extended family in Canada so they won't be invited anyway! Haha. Thanks so much for sharing. Karaoke! I hope you picked some awesome songs.


  1. That's awesome.
    In High School when we did film photography, exposing the film would make the entire photograph completely white.

    Were any of yours white? Because these don't seem that badly exposed. You have a nice effect here. :)

  2. I REALLY like that second to last one. The stripes. That's neato.

  3. i can't believe you respond to so many comments in your post, that's really cool of you. and half a million dollars, wow. i think i'd judge that a bit too, to be honest.

  4. i love them! they look so good when put together, like an artsy-dreamy-collage.

  5. Ha! I have many photos like this on my computer, thanks mostly to my husband's love of messing around with the cameras. I think the result is so beautiful.

    I have to echo Laura in applauding you for keeping up with all those replies! It must be a monumental task!

  6. They look really amazing like this!

  7. I took a look at the ring you linked and to be honest....
    i realllyyy love it. and i'm not just saying that to cheer you up.
    i'm glad you like the ring though because you're the only one wearing it!

  8. i did the same, when i had a broken camera and had to pull out the film, and the few pics that where left to be elaborated turned out with such a yellow and antique look like if i had taken them in the seventies or somethin:) yours look great by the way

  9. Wow! That's pretty darn amazing. I'm sure they were just giving you a heads up. The blue stripes look beautiful.

  10. Anonymous20.3.10

    Beautiful - a happy accident!

  11. I have had that camera for +6 years, and it is a GEM.

    Would also recommend something from the Zenit line if you are into Soviet cameras. :)

  12. These are very cool. The second and last are my faves.

  13. Anonymous22.3.10

    yes, yes, and yes. love this set!

    xo Alison