happiness nuggets

Indoor rainbows, rose Turkish Delight, and Miu Miu cats (via littledoodles).

This morning I realized that if I apply black eyeliner very lightly to my bottom eyelashes only, I enjoy having bangs again. I had been feeling a little fringe-fatigue, so it was nice. Poor quality cell phone picture here (with gold nail polish).

I will be hosting a giveaway tomorrow! If you like shiny things as much as I do, you'll like this one.


becka: It's a pretty cute little camera! I haven't finished my test roll, and I know my pictures won't be as wonderful as the ones on the page I linked to, but I'm excited to see them anyhow. I hope you had a lovely weekend yourself!

Chelsea: Thank you!

Michele: Thank you, and good luck with the knots. I have never tried, but I'm sure I'd be hopeless at it.

mon ami: Thank you! That makes me very glad I have this new reply system.

greenlaundry: Thank you so much! I felt a little silly after I posted it, so that makes me happy.

diariodeunacouturier: Thanks! Sometimes I forget that I have a pretty girly style, so it's funny when other people notice it.

: : t a n y a : :: Thanks! I have high hopes for it. The blue skies people get with these cameras are amazing!

kerri: Thank you, and yes they are!

Prosecco: Oh, you should try it! It was easy. I didn't have tapestry needle so it took me a while to get the yarn through the holes I made in the felt, but I was pretty happy with it when I was done.

iris: You should try it! It didn't take any time at all and cost very little. It's nice to have as a decoration if you're not wearing it.

ilovesasek: Thank you, that is a very nice compliment! Set of compliments, rather!

everyanything: Thank you! I like the perfume so much.

avalonne: Thank you, and I will!


  1. oooh turkish delight. When my parents came back from Turkey they sent us so much turkish delight. it's so beautiful and photographable! They look like little cubes of blush and kitten noses. xo

  2. where would one acquire this turkish delight?

  3. These are some great pictures :)


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  5. that last comment was from me. i can't keep anything straight these days. but maybe if i had some turkish delight...

  6. ok all caught up! feel like i'm writing you secret love notes?? love how we both posted about light/rainbows being cast and titled our posts after beautiful songs!

    i too suffer from fringe fatigue..sometimes it makes me feel so dumpy! wonder what people think of me sometimes..

  7. Ah! Fringe fatigue, I concur. Mine have grown far too long and I cannot decide if I should let them grow or trim them. The eye shadow is really pretty. Love that shirt!

    You know, I've never tried Turkish Delight. I'll add it to my growing list of things to try, including duty free!

  8. oooo emmmm geeee, Turkish Delight?! the first and last time I had that was in 5th grade when we were watching the BBC version of the Chronicles of Narnia...it was probably the most delicious desert I had had at that point, but I completely forgot abt it until just now! eek! and I am so there with you on the bangs thing...don't know what I want to do with that part of my hairdo anymore...oh, and gold nailpolish?! what brand? all I know is the Chanel version, or at least I think it's Chanel......

  9. Yummy tidbits of joy! DId you see the latest Shim and Sons post, with her little boys tracing the rainbows created by a glass of water? Perfectly enchanting.

    I share the fringe fatigue! I am in an endless cycle of growing them out and chopping them off. Lately I find myself wondering how old is too old...

    The liner is a nice touch!

  10. such great fringe-inspiration! i've been debating on whether i should go side-sweep or straight across ... this make-up tip has finally swayed me!

  11. The subtle black eyeliner looks great. I've been using this super soft eye pencil that smudges in the most perfect way and I now love eyeliner like I never have before.

  12. Those pics of the turkish delight look lumious. Hmmm. Don't have fringe fatigue, I only just got mine cut back in!

  13. great pictures so creative

    D e g a i n e