lace tee

For the past few months I've been trying to find lace tees for myself. This kind of thing is usually not too hard to find in thrift shops, but they're often fitted. I wore a lot of fitted lace tops in the 1990s, and this time I wanted something baggy. I found some stretch lace and made my own, using this Built By You pattern. Twenty minutes later, I had just what I wanted. I made it in the medium size, and it is really big! Perfect.

It's not the most elegantly constructed garment in the world, but it does the trick.

REPLIES: show & tell

Diana: Thank you!

anja louise verdugo: I did too. Yours was so sweet!

CARLY WAITO: Oh Carly, you are good at being a self-esteem coach. Thanks.

jessica: Aw, thanks.

REPLIES: stay golden

Chaucee: I know! At first I thought that they couldn't possibly be handmade, at least in the way Etsy defines handmade, but I'd like to give the seller the benefit of the doubt.

Jane Flanagan: Kind of bananas!

teacup adventure: I think so too!

kater: I will, for sure!

Hope Chella: Ha, you should get some!

Post Grad Hair Cut: I know, so crazy! Maybe I'll find out...

kristina [ the darling house ]: I kind of had to get them, just to see! I had a slight PayPal balance so I had to go for it.

Diana: Oh, front page, that explains it (they were going around a little bit, I think). I like the gold Toms a lot!


  1. it looks beautiful, aren't the Built By Wendy patterns great? I just started the first project from her dresses book, it's so simple but super stylish.

  2. It looks gorgeous and turned out great!

  3. This is beautiful! Great work. It looked very very elegant. I like it!

  4. Anonymous2.3.10

    I want one I want one!

  5. Perfect! I wish I could sew.

  6. i've been wanting one of these too! looks great!

  7. wow, i'm so envious!
    & congrats on the n.e.e.t blog inclusion, well deserved.

  8. I LOVE it!! Now I want one too.

  9. its funny because they just came out with a similar lace top at American Apparel which will probably be super expensive

  10. !! why do i wait so long to read your blog sometimes.. i've been wanting to make one of these too..but i sort of hate sewing clothes. will you make me one!! can i embellish it with lazy clustered then scattered sequins?? does lazy clustered then scattered sequins make sense? it does in my mind..

    would also maybe love to dye it a few pale colors..