lucky me

I hope everyone is enjoying the weekend -- on this side of the world, it's been so beautiful! The past few days have been a reverie*. Bike rides and sunshine and thrifting and Gocco experiments and, I hope, some nice pictures with my newest camera indulgence, the White Slim Angel (I ordered it one day when I was feeling winter-sad, when I am at my most vulnerable to pretty pictures featuring sun flare).

Plus, this weekend I got a sneak peek of some items from the newest Lover collection, The Harvest! Lucky me! Robber is going to be carrying a few pieces, which is so exciting. A collection with a name such as "The Harvest," that is accompanied by a video with beautiful, Picnic at Hanging Rock-like vibes, is a collection after mine own heart. So romantique.

On Thursday I received an email from a lovely girl named Dagmara (hi!), telling me that she had seen a mention of my blog in the current issue of Lucky. Later that day Roberta Jane revealed that she is going to be guest blogging for Lucky magazine! I couldn't believe that she mentioned this little blog in the actual magazine. I am so humbled and awed and just plain chuffed. It is a huge honour because Camp Comfort is one of my favourites: I love her style, her consistency, and her assuredness. Lucky me!

I took this picture in my bathroom at 10 o'clock this morning. It's nice that I live with a boy who doesn't mind how girly I keep things around the apartment. The vintage milk glass container holds my bobby pins and hair elastics, which tend to disappear, somehow, with great frequency. Where do they go? I end up placing necklaces and bracelets around the neck of the container. The golden necklace is a bow necklace that Caitlin made, and the bracelet is from The Vamoose. The bracelet is also featured in the issue of Lucky, as is Toronto's own Ossington Avenue, a street that factored heavily in my childhood.

I made the felt ball necklace using Jenny's tutorial from her guest stint for the Lucky blog. I bought the felt balls at The Paper Place (they had sequins and beads on them, but I snipped them off) and some wool at Romni. I just grabbed something that looked nice, was variegated, and was inexpensive, but I can see how people become addicted to yarn. The braid looks a little like hair in this picture, which is pretty cool.

A happy rest-of-weekend to you!

*Oh, there were some tears, lest anyone think I live a crazily charmed life! It's only moderately charmed.


Chaucee: Oh, I agree. It can be addictive! And yes, I definitely recommend the sleeves. The leather is amazing, and they're not expensive! Plus she is so lovely.

Lexie: I love it, too! Oh, it is so subjective, I agree. Although I do love to read professional perfume reviews -- they use the prettiest language! The book I linked to is so compelling!

Celine: I love the duty free too! The last time I visited I came away with some Diorshow mascara and a new lipstick, and I think it was only $30 total! So fun. Geoff is so sweet, I agree!

amy: I'm so glad you like them! And yes, the shop is so magical and perfect.

Hello Lindello: Thank you! I've gotten a little paranoid that the party shop is going to run out of wonderful finds! So I am trying to stock up, as crazy as that is. Oh, I can't wait to see how you wear the shirt! The strapless dress suggestion sounds so good. Gosh I love lace.

xin-xin: Of course! It's a new one from Essie called Tart Deco. It's funny: in some lights it's pink, in some it's almost neon orange! It's a nice coral-y, peach-y colour. I love it!

mon ami: Thank you -- yes, amazing how nice it can be to wear a pretty scent. The other day after work I put on my scarf which still smelled of the perfume (I guess the perfume on me had worn off) and it made me smile.

CARLY WAITO: Oh, perfume is so fun! I know what you mean about signature scents. I go through phases. For a while it was The Body Shop's White Musk, then it was this limited one from French Connection called Denim, then Stella by Stella McCartney (which I still wear and love so much). I can't wear the Tocca Stella that is in the picture up there -- I wore it one day that I happened to get a migraine so the smell of it makes me a little sick now, booo. And I still really want to visit CB I Hate Perfume and sniff my way through the shop! Maybe you should check out the book I linked -- it's available at the library and it's a great read, I promise! And aw, you made Geoff blush.

fraisedesbois: Thank you! Yes, it will be so exciting to have it here!

stephanie renee: Thank you, that's what I was hoping for! I hope you like the perfume. I can't resist a pretty peachy box and a pretty pink ribbon.

Chau: Wow, thank you so much. I have been enjoying that camera lately, which is great because I got so bored of Polaroid! Oh, isn't nail polish just the greatest? Sometimes I crave a new nail polish, especially in the winter when there are no colours anywhere.

Fräulein F.: Thank you! These were taken with a Diana+ camera with an Instant Back put on it (the information is here).

A Dreamer: Thank you, dear Dreamer!

Vlad Gabriela - Maria: Oh wow, thank you so much! I'm so glad you enjoy my pictures.

erica-knits: It is a wonderful place! I love makeup and perfume and, um, liquor. Haha! I always think of going on flights with my dad, who would buy cartons of cigarettes to give out to people in his hometown! It was such a happy gesture! So weird and outdated now. But yes, I recommend the duty free!

thenextarrow: Thank you so much!


  1. Ooh, I think I need one of those cameras!

    I often think the same thing about Richard and my home decorating, basically I just do whatever I want and he seems to go with it. I think we have pretty similar tastes, him and I, but I'm definitely on the girlier end of the scale!

    I hope you're having a lovely weekend!

  2. congrats on the lucky mention! i love your little shelf of perfume.

  3. Love that bracelet. Learning how to tie knots is now on my agenda. Your Lucky nod is so exciting! Congrats!

  4. Your felted necklace is lovely! Well done. I'm inspired. And yes, yarn can be terribly addictive.

    I love your response to my last comment about putting on your scarf at the end of the day and smelling your perfume on it. I think that is what perfume should do - make us smile unexpectedly when we smell it.


  5. Anonymous7.3.10

    Am in love with this post, from the first word right down to the last one. I'm so excited for you about your new camera, about Robber stocking some Lover and my brother used to live on Ossington Ave too when he first moved to Toronto!

  6. Anonymous7.3.10

    I love your girly style. I do not live with my boyfriend yet, but I hope the they were share an appartment he did not mind I continue being such girly as your are.

  7. I've got the Vivitar Ultra Wide and love this little camera. I only hope that I don't drop it one day because it's so light and flimsy. Can't wait to see what you do with your new camera!

  8. what a beautiful wee photograph. yayy for boys that don't mind girliness. they are the best. xx

  9. I'd been wanting to attempt Jenny's felt ball necklace tutorial, yours turned out great, love the colours!

  10. The felt ball necklace is cute. I've been hesitant to construct one, as I'm not really sure how to fit it into my wardrobe. ...but it looks great in this photo :)

  11. I love your attention to detail! The necklace that you made looks great. I was sure that you had bought it from Jenny.

    Lovely photos as usual. Keep on inspiring. Oh and congratulations on the lucky mention... that's so exciting!

  12. this picture is absolutely gorgeous. i love the chloe perfume

  13. Your blog is so inspirational to me. The photos are beautiful. Feel free to check out my blog, thanks! :)

  14. girl you got a lot goin on! <3

  15. I adore that milk glass container. Makes me want to hit up the antique mall.