show & tell

I was so flattered when Stephanie from N.E.E.T. magazine contacted me for a feature based on Bleubird Vintage's show and tell posts (1 & 2). N.E.E.T. issue 018 was released today, and it's such an amazing issue, just bursting with pretty things.

I clicked through nervously, looking for the Show & Tell piece, and was happily surprised to see a number of my favourite bloggers in the piece! Alison, Kate, Trisha, Anya, Katy, and more. Of course, this has lead to a minor attack of blog insecurity -- I'm just the dorky library assistant amongst some heavyweights in a kind of terrible picture that I took on a cloudy day? Wearing a glittercorn? Oh man.

Do check out the rest of the magazine, if you haven't already! It's fantastic. Show & Tell begins on page 216.


schorlem├Ądchen: Thank you! They are very comfortable.

miss sophie: Thank you so much! And thank you for tagging me -- it was nice to be asked! Although I realize now that I forgot to tag others!

Celine: Thanks, Celine! I'm glad you like them.

april: It sure does. I would love an entire wardrobe made from that fabric.

May: Thanks, May! Sadly, Oysho only has locations in Europe and the Middle East. It's the same company as Zara, though, so maybe one day we'll have it, too.

Pretty Mommy: Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it. And I really do love those shirts.

katie f: A good pair of pyjamas is a nice luxury, for sure. Underrated!

DearBeatrice: Thank you!


  1. congrats on the feature ^_^

  2. the show and tell collection was so good! i loved everybody's piece.

  3. I personally think that 'Library Assistant' sounds very cool and I love that photo of you. And your party hats are so fanciful and charming - a great choice for show and tell.

  4. yay congrats!
    james is my good friend and i love the show and tells!
    i submitted mine too. i was the vintage blow dryers and the longboard.
    and a library asst is cool girl!!! you rock!

  5. that is wonderful! what a lovely feature..and i loved your party hats very much