waiting for spring

Just a few things that have been around my apartment lately. As you can see, I made another trip to Balloon King.

Geoff brought me the Chloé perfume from the duty-free because every time I see Nikole I ask her what perfume she's wearing. The day after Erica's party we had brunch with our friend Jennie and she was wearing it, too, and it smelled equally nice on her. The authors of Perfumes: The A to Z Guide don't like it, but I think it smells so pretty and fresh. I love having a new perfume to bring into the rotation.

The case at the bottom is from lovely Julia of renneslechateau. It's the perfect size for my Instax Mini photos, and it is the happiest colour.


Elizabeth: Thank you! I have made things from quite a few of the patterns, and I'm almost always happy with them! I made a dress from the new book recently but I made it in a fabric I don't really like, so I probably won't wear it. I hope yours works out!

Chaucee: Thank you!

erica-knits: Oh yeah, you were there when I bought the fabric! Love the DFO.

Fee-AMore: Thank you!

robberstore: That can be arranged!

Ellenitza: Thanks! Oh, this really was not hard at all! Honest, only basic sewing skills (threading a machine, changing the needle) required.

elaina: Thank you!

Joanna Goddard: Thank you!

tara-lynn: Thank you! Oh, don't be envious... I'm sure you could find one of your own... maybe in your mailbox this summer?!

muchlove: Aw, thanks!

Eli: Oh, I just looked it up and in Canada it's $45 for their lace tee. It's cute, but this one cost me $5.99. I win!


  1. It's always fun to get a new fragrance : ) And I've been wanting one of those sleeves from Renee, but haven't had the chance to order it yet!

  2. I loooove perfume! I don't think it's fair to judge perfume (except maybe the super cheap Paris Hilton stuff) because perfumes adapt to body chemistry, right?

  3. I love the duty free! I love coming home with something from duty free, I love browsing duty free, I love when someone brings something home for me from duty free! hehe!

    geoff is so sweet!

  4. such pretty photos! i wish i had a magical balloon shop to visit.

  5. gorgeous photos. i'm getting jealous of that party store you discovered. too many wonderful finds!

    also- i wish i could say i made mine, but i just bought a black lace shirt like that. i can't wait to play around with it. i thought of wearing it with a strapless dress this summer.

  6. that's it! i have been trying to find a pink nail polish color for spring. yours look so lovely.

    may i ask what colour (it kinda looks like it's from essie)?

  7. I just bought myself a bottle of chloe perfume as well. I figured I need a light happy scent to pull me through the last grey months of winter.

    lovely photos, thanks for sharing


  8. I've been thinking about perfume a lot lately. I recently picked up Tocca's 'Florence' solid perfume. It's pretty nice, but not perfect. I wish I had a signature scent. And I wish there was more choice for solid perfumes, because I like to wear just a subtle trace of scent, and the solid ones are good for that. AND I wish my boyfriend would buy me perfume at the duty free shop;) Geoff is a special guy.

  9. I love your lace top. Well done! I can't wait for Spring too.

  10. i love your photos, they are so dreamy! i am on the hunt for a new perfume so i am excited to check that one out.

  11. I always look forward to seeing your instant photos- they've been beautiful. The photo with the nail polish motivated me to buy up a bottle after a long day at work (color:shop till i drop). it's was just the right pick me up!

  12. So beautiful pictures! How do you take them? Have a great weekend

  13. I just discovered your home, here, and I love that it's so dreamy and "clean"...
    I think I would be happier in this world.. then in mine, right now.

    Take care!
    A dreamer.

  14. http://ciudat.blogspot.com/2010/03/fieldguided.html

    you are such an inspiration!


  15. Oh, I'm thinking of spring and the fabulous warm weather we're supposed to be getting this weekend. You know, I have actually never visited the Duty Free. I think I will next time I fly. I really want to find my signature scent!

  16. Anonymous6.3.10

    just stumbled across your blog...your photos are fantastic! they are so lovely and one of a kind.

    xo Alison