a basket from madeira 2

Do you remember this post, about Jane Birkin's basket and Tommy's basket? Look at what I got in the mail yesterday (I have been getting really good mail lately, & will share more next week!).

Alice sent it to me -- she had a local artisan replicate her mother's traditional "Madeirense" basket, which is just about the kindest thing ever. The basket is so, so beautiful and I can't wait to use it as my new purse. I had people ask me about it in the few hours between picking it up from the post office and heading home with it! It makes people smile! I've seen the evidence. I really don't mind that some people will find it strange. I find fake tans and acrylic nails strange! To each his own, etc.

If you're interested in a Jane Birkin-style basket, you can get one here. It's pricey, yes, but what a great story.

I was inspired by Tara-Lynn to pull out some felt floppy hats. I love wearing hats so much. A hat & a straw basket is a good combination, I think.

(I have been singing the praises of coconut oil as hair conditioner for long hair since watching this video by Loepsie, and I just love it. I can say without feeling as though I am bragging -- because I beat myself up in so many other ways! -- that my hair looks great.)


May: Oh, great! I'm glad I could help, or even just give you something new to think about.

even eve: Thank you! That sidewalk kitty was so sweet.

nice-etc.com / caitlin: Yeah! Thanks! Can't wait to snap your face! Haha.

tinypaperheart: Thanks!

Wild and Precious: Oh, thanks! I'm glad you like it.

Hannah: I have some fantastic pictures of Oreo. She's not the most lively cat so it's pretty funny to catch her in a crazed pose. The second cat is Switchblade, who has anger issues. It's a really fun camera. I love when I remember that I have it in my purse.

SwanDiamondRose: Oh, please do! I love your digital pictures.

Diana: Oh, she wasn't stressed!! She ignores the camera. That picture was taken while she was hunting! Geoff was holding up her "cat charmer" just outside the frame and she was trying to catch it. We like to make her get some exercise since she is pretty lazy, and she happens to go crazy when she's working out her animal insticts, ha. Thank you!


  1. Oh hooray, you got one! It's so beautiful! Haha fake tans and acrylic nails, I'd take a basket purse over that in a second!

    I think I'm going to have to try the coconut oil, I have such trouble with my thick often frizzy hair!

  2. that hat looks so great on you! and i'm totally wanting a basket now. and some coconut oil. thanks for the hair tip! it will come in handy with thick, wavy hair and misty, vancouver weather.

  3. I just happened upon your blog and I love it...have been reading through all your posts and I think they are truly gorgeous...will be back!

    Love love love,



  4. Anonymous1.4.10

    love the hat!

  5. I love all these! I will have to try the coconut oil tip. Thanks!

  6. I have to watch the coconut oil hair video!
    the last time I saw you, your hair did look amazing! did you do the coconut oil in your hair last friday?

    that basket is amazing! you are so lucky!

  7. hello. your basket is gorgeous! and i really like the coconut oil idea. it's pretty easy to find it here, so i'm going to give it a try :)

  8. perfect floppy hat & basket (& hair too)
    have a great weekend!

  9. I've been wanting to tell you for so long that I'm absolutely in love with your hair! Perfect.

  10. Geez, you are so cool with your basket purse. I have a feeling this is going to become a new trend...

    I've never heard of using coconut oil before. I must try that out.....

  11. The basket is beautiful. I have one just like it. In Madeira they actually call it "dutch basket", I don't know why.

  12. So well-made! Worth the wait!

  13. So pretty - the basket, the hat, the hair...and I think I love that trench coat too!

  14. Oh I love the basket so much! I used to always use a basket for my darkroom stuff in Ireland. It felt so natural at the time. I can't imagine doing that in Toronto for some reason. But I should...

  15. That basket is pretty lovely. It looks like it needs a baguette or two projecting out.

  16. Anonymous3.4.10

    Interesting, I've always associated baskets with picnics.

    I'm so happy there is someone else out there who likes floppy hats also, it gives me the courage to wear mine.

  17. ooh, fabulous hat! where did you find it?

  18. i'm going to have to look for coconut oil! my hair is pretty thick and i always wear it back because it's so "big." thanks for the tip! :)