birkin inspiration, golden shoes, sock garters

I got my golden shoes from goldenponies! I took the laces out because I like how it looks without them. I wore them around town this afternoon (I did get some insoles for extra arch support because I walk a lot). So comfortable, and I loved looking down at my feet in the sunshine.

While I was admiring my shoes, a Jane Birkin anecdote about lace-less tennis shoes popped into my head (I suppose I have a few of them in there), from the interview with her in issue 27 of Russh. Interviewed for a fashion magazine, many of the questions were about personal style. She brushed aside all claims to her fashion icon status quite elegantly and humbly:

"I think it's really wearing exactly what you like and not really caring what other people think." She pauses. "I mean, I don't think I did anything original like Lou. I've never been eccentric. It's just wearing things that are very comfortable, and I like things when they're particularly old. Like wearing tennis shoes and taking the laces out. I did that because I gave the shoes to an old tramp lady I looked after. I took the shoelaces out because she had swollen feet and she said that would make her look like a tramp, so I took mine out too. The next thing I knew everyone was wearing tennis shoes with no laces!"

I like this attitude. And look! It's her basket -- be still, my heart! Rosa Pomar left a comment pointing me in the direction of another online shop that sells the "condessa com tampa," if anyone would like one.

A while ago Tara of SWANClothing (she made my beautiful quilted rose Louche) proposed a trade of one of my ties for a pair of her sock garters. Ordinarily I shy away from things that draw attention to my legs, but I really like the sock garters. Also, again: "I think it's really wearing exactly what you like and not really caring what other people think."

It's not surprising that fans of the sock garters include Queen Michelle, La Meow, Jennine from The Coveted, and Susie Bubble. In fact, after looking up those posts I am slightly embarrassed to show you my picture(s), but! This is a new era of bravery and boldness! Enough of feeling terrible about parts of myself!

I had chosen latte elastic, and while I am ashamed to admit that I have not yet kept up my end of the bargain, the garters arrived earlier this week. They are lovely! The little swan is my favourite. I pranced around while wearing them this morning, and they put me in the mood to drink some whisky and read some John Cheever. I was wearing a silky peach dress at the time, enjoying the masculine touch added to my girly dress. Even though it was warm today, I wasn't quite ready to go out without tights, but when I am, the garters will come out with me. Thank you, dear Tara!


becka: It is, isn't it? I just love it, and I'm glad you like it too. Oh yes, the coconut oil is wonderful! It's pretty amazing to discover that an inexpensive, natural product that women have used for centuries is far better than all the other things one can buy.

kate / tinywarbler: Thank you! Oh, I do recommend the basket! It makes me so happy. I hope you like the coconut oil!

Erin: Oh! Thank you! That is so nice of you to say. xo

juste venteux: Thank you!

Hello Lindello: I'm glad, thank you! I hope you like the coconut oil.

Celine: Aw, thanks! Actually (haha) I had just gotten my hair cut that day, so it was probably looking a little better than usual. But I have been using it regularly and I think it's having a good effect. Thanks! I love my basket!

marcia: Thank you! Oh and I'm sure it's plentiful in beautiful Brazil!

tara-lynn: Thank you!

Elizabeth: Oh, thank you so much. I'm pretty happy with it most of the time.

Bekväm: Haha, thanks! Oh, I don't know about a trend... but if other people do it, how fun!

Rosa Pomar: Oh, thanks for the information, here and in the other comment! I didn't know the different names of the baskets. I love all of them.

Little Nutbrown Hare: Thank you for the inspiration! I really admire your style and am happy that you share it with us. I love my basket!

Ellenitza: Thanks so much! The trench is a little over the top (ruffles!) but I really like it too. I got it on Etsy.


  1. I love that quote and it is the perfect attitude. Have a great weekend!

  2. Ha, yes - whenever I see the sock garters on bloggers whos THIGHS are smaller than my upper arm, I think "not for me!!!"

    Yours are so cute with those gold shoes!

    The other day I found the cutest basket purse at the thrift and wasn't sure about it - I loved it but thought I'd look like a crazy person, but didn't care! It's so cute!

  3. Yaaay cute! I might have to snag myself a pair of shoes :D I've had my eye on sock garters for a while now too, but I'm not sure how often I'd use them.

  4. Love the shoes! How's the quality? I'd like to get a pair of my own but am curious to know if they are sturdy or more like soft ballet shoes.

  5. yes, I forgot about Feitoria!
    It has a lot of traditional portuguese products at NORMAL price. And it is actually a portuguese shop runned by a very nice lady in Porto.

    I love Kiosk, but come on... at 85$ a basket they are pushing it a little bit...

  6. oh, and about the basket names and such: the birkin basket is an octopus basket from Algarve and the one you have is called "dutch basket" because it's made of the same wicker (darker and thinner) that those dutch rectangular baskets, that most people use for picnics.

  7. eep! so cute! I actually need a pair for practical reasons - I have a pair of boots that basically pull my socks off into the depths of the soles when I walk. haha!

  8. hey sweet girl. thanks so much for posting the sock garters. and in gold shoes! i love gold shoes. it's so funny taking photos while wearing them, i have endless photos of my lower legs upside down. it's like a whole other upside-down photo universe. i'm really glad you like them. much xo.

  9. thanks Anabela, they look so pretty on you and those sock garters, and the basket! are so pretty! <3

  10. Anonymous3.4.10

    i adore your shoes, and the first photograph is simply lovely.

  11. my pair came in too!!

  12. just rewriting this comment because i think my last one was too serious! but Verhext, very curvy leg photos are coming soon to the SWANclothing store. women {and men} of all sizes order from me and i think many people come to me because i can accommodate everyone. just needed saying :)