cats & gentlewomen

I love cats (obviously) and I love cat people. I love cat prints too, and was so excited when I first saw the Miu Miu interpretation. I think it was so well done: moderately twee, but not overly "whimsical" and saccharine (my second favourite is the reclining naked lady print). One of these days I hope to make use of Elizabeth Spiridakis' tutorial to make myself a cat print collar.

This weekend I went to Zara, which happens to be my favourite place to indulge in some fast fashion. I'm not sure why I give it a pass, but I do. Maybe because it's Spanish and I love Spain. While I was there, I spotted this.

Oh! A cat print dress in a viscose/rayon blend, for $40. I had to buy it, even though I'm always hurtin' the weekend before pay day. Please notice the bowties on the cats. Irresistible. It's the perfect cut for a summer dress, and a good length. It has an elastic waist, and the top part can be worn in a blousy sort of way, which feels easy breezy. I have my moments where I feel as though I should go buy another one. You know, for backup.

I did wring my hands about it a little bit: is 31 too old for cats & bowties? A brief text message correspondence with Erin confirmed that no, it's not. It depends on the 31 year old, I suppose. I can always wear it with a blazer for a bit of a "young professional" vibe.

Look at that! I could pretty much talk to you about offshore funds and currency futures now.

After I had purchased & thrown the dress in my tote bag I headed to the Drake General Store where I found a copy of The Gentlewoman, a new magazine from the creators of Fantastic Man magazine. I am trying to savour it, and so far, I am incredibly impressed. The editorial alone is a very positive celebration of modern women, and the content is beautifully presented. So many women's magazines are oppressive and passive aggressive and I am always so happy to find the rare one that isn't. I have also become mildly obsessed with a leather-trimmed Céline skirt that appears twice in the magazine, once in an ad and once in a feature.

If you're interested in a copy for yourself, you can find it at American Apparel (online and instore), but any finer bookstore or newsstand should have it. Please note that American Apparel lists it for $18 on their Canadian online store, but the marked price is $10.95.


K.Line: I've heard good things about Union. Maybe I'll try it for lunch sometime since lunch is always half the price of dinner!

hellotaylarose: Thank you. For a long time it was a bar called The Chelsea Room. It was painted purple on the outside and quite dark on the inside. I never actually went there, though.

Fran; Thanks for the recommendation -- I'll have to try it!

katrina: That would be amazing!! Please do.

sn: Thank you! I'm really enjoying my funny LC-A+ camera. It does all the work.

nice-etc.com / caitlin: It is really nice, I agree. You can also see through to the kitchen where a bunch of dudes are cooking everything from scratch. Pretty great. Haha! I broke veg for a tuna fish sandwich! I had been eating nothing but honey nut Cheerios for weeks, and I had just finished my exams for my last year of university. I figured I deserved it. Geoff and I rarely eat meat at home, but I don't think I could go veg again!

CARLY WAITO: It was so nice! I just wanted to see the artwork again and then there you guys were. I want to go back soon too!

Flor M., Belen Vazquez Amaro, owl and peacock : melina: I agree!

erica-knits: Oh yes! It's well worth trying. The owners also have a restaurant across the street, The Black Hoof (the Cafe was meant to be a sort of "waiting area" for the Black Hoof since it's always jam-packed). But there's something so nice about eating a nice lunch on a sunny day. I'm so glad you like my pictures! It means a lot. That little camera is the best.


  1. "I could pretty much talk to you about offshore funds and currency futures now."

    HA!!! love that line.

  2. that cat print dress is absolutely gorgeous, and i think that when it has a modern shape and style, you're definitely not too old te wear it!

    i'm 28, and i often question what i can and can't get away with. i never want to be one of those women i used to laugh at for dressing half their age!

  3. ooohhh, I ordered my copy of Gentlewoman a bit after it came out, but I think it sold out at the shop where I got it online, and now I'll be getting the 2nd issue...
    Still waiting for it. Grrr.

    And no, 31 is not too old for that cat dress! :)

  4. oh no, i almost wish i hadn't seen this post! i want that dress so badly but i know my pre-travel budget will not allow it!


    oh well, you make it look great, no matter your age!

  5. yeeee!!!! the dress! it definitely depends on the person...and you're just the person for it. i am srsly going to have to check for that in my store soon.

  6. I'm so glad you got that dress. It's fantastic. I was trying to formulate a suitable reply to your tweet: one that was not too pushy, but also begged you to buy the dress. Stat. Alas, I couldn't find the balance and kept my opinion to myself...

  7. oh my gosh!! That dress is so you. I'm so glad Zara did the cat print. I hope it's the dress of summer 2010.

    Gentlewoman also sounds really good. I think I've passed it by before not knowing what it was. I'll have to look for a copy when I get back to the city.

  8. I always give Zara a pass too... most of their clothes are made in Europe, which makes them better quality than other high-street stores, I find.

    I adore this dress. Cute without being twee. So very you. Perfect!

  9. Such a cute dress - I love it! I haven't been to Zara in years but will definitely swing by to see if I can find the dress locally. I have a feeling it will end up being a perfect summer weekend dress.

  10. I found the gentlewomen in the Indigo at Bay and Bloor yesterday! and it's the regular price $10.95. For some reason..I really love the feel of the cover.

    I'm really tempted to buy that cat print dress too now!

  11. cats + bow ties = perfect!

  12. I've come to the conclusion that if you love something and feel confident wearing it, it is right for you whatever your age (within reason, of course... at my advanced age I definitely can't get away with some things!). This dress is a perfect example--you look great in it! The blazer just makes it look like you could manage mergers and acquisitions by day, and party by night :)

    I hope you don't mind my mentioning here, but I am currently having a small giveaway of a necklace and photos on my blog
    and a sale in my Etsy shop
    I would be so thrilled if you would stop by and enter the giveaway!

  13. Anonymous26.4.10

    I JUST LOVE IT!!!!

  14. oh, i LOVE this dress!

    i'm also a 31 year old librarian who loves cats...haha. i am definitely scurrying over to Zara on my luch break to see if they have it here (in S.F.).

    i know exactly how you feel about the age/dressing issue. mostly i don't care but then occasionally i wonder if i should. i don't want to dress like i'm 20 but i'm also not a straight laced grown up either. it's a delicate balance!

  15. I want that dress!!!! It just breaks my heart that we do not have a Zara in Portland... just absolutely heart breaking!

  16. a) is 32 too old for my first denim mini skirt?

    b) i can't believe you missed the last trunk show. it was all cats!

  17. adoooorable!

    I hope I can get my hands on a Gentlewoman. Thanks for the heads up.

  18. You are beautiful! I love that cat dress! I had no idea you were 31. I think I thought you were my age (24), or younger but I suppose there is not that much difference after a certain point. Please take the above as a compliment. :)

  19. love the dress and love your blog. makes me want to visit toronto.

  20. That shirt/dress is just wonderful! Looks great paired with the blazer. I'd hate to know that at 31 I couldn't wear something that fun and chic. :)

    Absolutely loving your blog too by the by. I think I found you through tumblr and it was a great find.

  21. wow, i LOVE this dress!!! cats are amazing, especially ones with bowties! :)

  22. your outfit is very gentlewomanly! ha ha
    that print is so amazing and i'm glad you got it!

  23. Anonymous27.4.10

    Aww very cute print!! and no, never too old! hehe.

  24. There never is an age too old for cats and bowties!!! :)

  25. You are never too old for cats and bowties! You look fab!

  26. gentlewoman is the best new mag in a loong while. love how they're throwing it back with their style, no "what's-your-inspiration" bs.

    *and Hoof Café is a life-altering experience!


  27. Anonymous27.4.10

    That cat print blouse is beautiful. I love that colour blue. xxx

  28. i love it and you wear the dress so well! thanks for the cat party shout out <3

  29. I could pretty much talk to you about offshore funds and currency futures now.

    anabela you're so adorable!

    and i agree, 31 is not too old for cats & bowties!

  30. what an amazing and quirky find from zara! love the color too. so cute :)

  31. Anonymous1.5.10

    this post is hilarious! you've inspired me with all of your talk about cats. i never was a cat lover until i met my boyfriend, who has three legendary cats, all with very distinct personalities. anyway, i did a blog post on it today, with pictures from your tumblr (dreamcats). thanks so much for making more cat fans in the world, hehe.

    perhaps you'll want to check it out:

  32. If you got this in Toronto, which Zara did you get it at? I can't find it anywhere and I'm LUSTING after it!

  33. Hey Roslyn -- not sure if you'll see this but I got the dress at Zara in Yorkdale! My parents live up there.

  34. Das ist ja klasse, das gleiche habe ich mir damals auch geholt und bin echt super glücklich damit. Das sieht einfach wunderschön aus.