happy birthday, robber

One year ago Robber opened at 863 Queen Street West. I had known it was going to open for a few months, and I was excited that I could actually buy some of the brands they would carry without a trip to New York. It took me over a month to finally visit, though, because I was intimidated. You know how it is. Little did I know that the Robber girls were the nicest, most down-to-earth people ever, and that the "-er" part of Robber, Erin, would become one of my best friends (the "Rob-" part, Robin, lives in Vancouver, but we'd hang out all the time if she lived here, too). I am so happy they are here, and I do everything I can to support their shop, such as writing about them here, making potato print banners, and hanging feathers in the windows. We need our independent businesses, especially when they carry Lover and Permanent Vacation and Built By Wendy and Sunshine & Shadow, etc.

This weekend they are celebrating their birthday by offering 20% off everything in the store. It's a sunny and beautiful day in Toronto today; perfect! I heard they hung some festooning from Balloon King! I can't wait to see.

I really do spend quite a lot of time in the store. It's a 10 minute bike ride from where I live, and it's such a pretty, airy shop that I've amassed a small collection of pictures taken there. These were taken with my LC-A+. Some are blurry, one is accidentally double exposed, but I like them anyhow.


Celine: They can be! They don't usually bring back gifts. Apparently my dad thought the basket was too expensive and silly! But my mom insisted, and when they saw how happy I was I know they were glad. And yes, Jane Birkin was so beautiful. She still is, of course, but back in the day, she was a classic beauty.

nice-etc.com / caitlin: Haha, I know! Aw, too bad about the comment! I'm glad that post made you laugh!

wallflower: I agree!

Chelsea: Haha, I should be going for a visit in September... I'll see what I can do! Of course you can do it! It will make you feel so easy, breezy!

tara-lynn: Oh dear. Well, I can say without exaggeration that when I signed "De Gainsbourg à Gainsbarre" out from the library when I was 16, it changed my life. Gainsbourg became my greatest hero when I was a teenager. My friends thought I was crazy, and I had to work hard to find his music and to find information about him (and I had to read a lot of French). When I was 17 I visited Paris and stayed in a hotel near his apartment; it was nearly spiritual for me, as silly as that sounds. So I don't really want to see it. It's that fear that something you love will become trendy and/or trivialized. Movies tend to sensationalize things, and the life of Gainsbourg does not need sensationalizing. We can see the videos on YouTube! He was in movies, and we can see them online now (they were so hard to find when I was younger). At the same time, at least it's in French and wasn't made by Hollywood.

Little Nutbrown Hare: I hope you get it soon! I hope you'll post pictures of it when you do, because your pictures are some of my favourite.

thenextarrow: Thank you!

Hello Lindello: Oh, yes, do it! They are so great.

stephanie renee: Aw, haha. Thanks.

Fee-AMore: Yes, it really made me crack up! It was inside a large plastic bag, but I knew what it was and couldn't believe that they found the exact one.

Caitlin: Thank you! Yes, she was so elegant and beautiful!

alice: Oh, maybe you can help bring the art back! I'll treasure my baskets now that I know they are a bit rare.

miss sophie: Yes, I agree. It's funny, you can buy baskets almost anywhere (including Ikea), but you forget that there are regional variations that are still made by hand. And yes, she really is a special lady. I adore her.

k: Thank you -- I hope you find one!

erandi: The bunny baskets are so funny!


  1. LOVE this shop. gotta stop by sometime soon, its been a while! and yes the girls there are so sweet.

  2. This looks really neat. Luckily I'm not too far. Thanks for the address - I'll remember for next time I'm in that area. :)

  3. i paid a visit on your recommendation. it's a sweet little shop, wish i could have bought something! i spoke briefly to the girl working but i don't know who it was.

  4. shopping at robber has really made me understand the intrinsic value that clothes and jewelry have. whenever i make a purchase there, i feel that, regardless the price, it is a piece that i value for its design as well as sentimental value. it also marks a passage in my adult life..to finally be able to invest in clothing rather than having to thrift shop for everything.

    good for you for becoming apart of the robber family! i have to stop in when i'm in toronto next.

  5. Oh yes! I'm planing a trip to Toronto this summer and it looks like Robber will be on my list of things to do. Lover is one of my favourite labels... hallelujah!

  6. oh my gosh did you buy any shoes? those pale pink ones in the first photo look incredible!

  7. gar these photos make me gush!
    i especially love the shoes in the window!
    i honestly want ALL of them
    oh and your blog is so incredibly delightful
    thanks for sharing x