sweet pink

Stamps from Sweden, tulips from Geoff, homemade rose marshmallows from Melinda.


Bekväm: Ooh, I am not brave enough to do the one-handed thing! My bike is impossible to steer one-handed, and I would end up in traffic for sure. I hope my comment didn't come off as passive aggressive! I just love that dress and wish I could pull it off. You look amazing in it.

erica: I am addicted to coffee too! And there is nothing like a good bike ride. Matthew is smart.

Dress up scientist: A few people suggested the little Starbucks swizzle sticks that can plug the hole on the lid... that could work! It might also depend on the placement of the holder. Mine is in that spot because my basket is in the way, but it could be attached higher up on the handlebars.

Juli: You guys have a few coffee shops that seem pretty good! I'm not familiar with The Good Neighbour. Also, the Starbucks swizzle stick idea is genius! Maybe I could get one made in gold like the McDonalds coffee stirrer. Har har.

Zuzolińska: I agree!

Melinda Josie: Melinda, you are too brave! I couldn't do it. Yeah, there was something called a Kroozer Cup but you emailed it to me!

Luna: Aw, I'm sorry! You should get one!

Lara: It's definitely nice to be able to ride my bike! In the spring and summer it's my main means of transportation. Sometimes, though, it feels a little scary and dangerous and as though everyone on the road (including drivers and cyclists) is out to kill me! Toronto is not the most bike-friendly city in the world, but I suppose I should feel lucky that I can do it at all.

Jess: Ha! Yeah, that was probably me in my dorky helmet. That's pretty cute! Aw.

SJ: Yeah! Pretty great.

Haley: Good tip! Thank you.

jackie: Thank you! Yeah, these were taken with film, although the roll of film got a bit messed up in the winding process. The bell, unfortunately, doesn't work very well anymore, but little kids really like it.

Julie: It's pretty great! I mean, not too long ago there weren't too many, so it's nice to see people who actually care about doing a good job. I'm not a coffee snob in the slightest, but I do like good coffee.

Hello Lindello: I'm glad you like it! Yeah, it's pretty pothole ridden around here too, but luckily there are no hills around where I live. If I were a little further north I wouldn't be able to ride my bike at all (no gears).


  1. What sweet tulips from Geoff! Lucky you! They are my favorite flowers too.

  2. These are such pretty pink subjects! :)

  3. How pretty, thanks for sharing some spring time pink.

    Now I just need to find a way to get mail from Sweden and learn how to make marshmallows!


  4. those stamps are so amazingly pretty. so right, mon ami, now i need friends from sweden, Xx

  5. everything is beautiful! one of my most favorite color palettes. ..and where/what is that cat holding a kitten???? it's so cute!

  6. the marshmallows are packaged so nicely! very pretty.

  7. Those rose marshmellows look so delicious. I bet they are amazing!

  8. Those Swedish stamps are so cute! I wish Canada post would make some cute stamps. What does rose marshmallow taste like?

  9. Anonymous24.4.10

    Lovely stamps!

  10. Anonymous25.4.10

    Ahhhh Your blog is wonderful, soo nice to find you! Your pictures are so inspiring and beautiful!

    A footprint from

    Agneta & Sweden

  11. i love those stamps.

  12. cute post! love the stamps & the cat print next to the marshmellows is A-MAZING!