which one are you?

Lula #10 has finally arrived! I got my copy at Presse Internationale on College Street, but I have been told that This Ain't the Rosedale Library has it as well, if you care to patronize one of the few good bookstores we have left. If you live in a town where you cannot buy a copy, you can order one through Buy Olympia.

I always enjoy Lula articles and feel as though they were written to appeal directly to me. I particularly enjoyed the interview by Kirsten Dunst of Muriel Fahrion, the creator of Strawberry Shortcake. It was very cute! Sometimes I feel a little funny about childhood nostalgia, because I live in fear of turning into one of those people who constantly talks about the olden days. Still, Strawberry Shortcake does hold a very special place in my heart. I never did have any of the dolls, but I knew other little girls who had them, and I wanted my own so badly. Sometimes I think about getting one on eBay, just to sniff them again. I had a copy of Strawberry Shortcake and the Winter That Would Not End, though. I wish I knew where it was.

For a Strawberry Shortcake-inspired spread, Lula asked different designers to create their own fashion interpretation of the dolls. There are seven photographs, which make up the seven different covers for this issue. I also loved that they called it "Doll is Mine," after the Blonde Redhead song.

Which one is your favourite? Which one are you?

Chanel Iman as Orange Blossom by Kenzo

Addison Gill as Blueberry Muffin by Cacharel;
Kate Somers as Raspberry Tart by Sonia Rykiel

Liu Wen as Plum Puddin' by Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti;
Giedre Dukauskaite as Lime Chiffon by Erdem

Kim Noorda as Strawberry Shortcake by Charles Anastase;
Charlotte di Calypso Lemon Meringue by Moschino Cheap & Chic

I was happy that I was able to find a copy with my favourite image, Strawberry Shortcake herself. (When I was little, Strawberry Shortcake was my least favourite character, and Blueberry Muffin was my favourite!)


Chelsea: Aw, thanks! I doubt you always look like a slob! I always end up wearing the same things over and over, which I guess isn't so different from the rest of the year. I think this year I'm going to try to stick to chambray button-downs, because it's hard to go wrong in those.

Michele: When we lived in a high rise, sometimes Oreo would bolt out the door and into the hallway. She doesn't have a collar so I live in fear of her getting out somehow. I'm sure your cat would come back!

Victoria / Cats Dreaming in Keylime: That sounds amazing!

Chaucee: I hope so!

kenzie: It makes me giggle too! I can't get enough of this picture! I posted it everywhere and it's even my phone and computer wallpaper! I hope you get to make some dresses. It's so satisfying.

alice: Aw, cute! We want to try again, but if she fights it, we won't. She's so sheltered!

danielle and dinosaur toes: I wish we could reason with animals! "It's good for you, you should like it!" Poor Flojo!

K.: Thanks, I think so too!

Jane Flanagan: Aw, yay! Thank you!

roberta jane: Thank you! Oooh you should get them. Best sunglasses!

sn: Aw, thanks! Yeah, the PV dress is basically summertime perfection. I haven't worn it yet... I'm saving it for the hottest weather.

Navare: I hope so! We do want to try again.

Julie: Ha! I love cats so much! Gatsby is such a good name. Thanks, I'm glad you like the basket.

Lexie: I agree! It's pretty fantastic.

Hello Lindello: Thanks so much!

hibou: Oh, thanks! I do love my sunglasses. Yeah, Oreo doesn't even wear a collar because she hates it so much. The harness definitely bothered her. I hope to try again, and yes, she has her claws! She got some dirt in them that day!

Celine: I want to! I really do! Thanks, it was a nice weekend! Nice and long and the weather was great.

Melissa: Your cat's name is Breakfast!! That's the best name! Yeah, Oreo definitely hated the harness. I wonder if we can figure out a way to reward her -- she's not interested in most treats. And thank you!

Ellenitza: Aw, it seems like a lot of people tried it with mixed results. And thank you, I like it a lot!

SwanDiamondRose: Oh I would never want Oreo roaming around outside! Too many beastly creatures. I used to live above a woman who had an outdoor cat and he was constantly getting into scrapes with raccoons and skunks.

krissy: It was so nice to meet you too! I was going to write your name out as "Chrissy," so I'm glad I didn't, ha. Small doses might be the key, as long as we can get her out again.

Dandelion and Grey: Thanks so much!


  1. I've always been partial to Lemon Meringue, but only in Strawberry Shortcake form. I hate anything flavored-lemon AND meringue in real life. Cute post. Thanks for sharing!

  2. The first one is amazing!

  3. Wow. Orange blossom is fantastic but I would be most likely to wear the Rykiel/Raspberry Tart.
    Love those tights!
    I had a few dolls, and a record with stories on it, and a dress (with co-ordinating apron) printed with strawberry shortcake.

  4. Blueberry muffin! Mmm! I actually had her when I was little and she smelled like blueberries. Though, I took scissors to her hair in a desperate act of rebellion that I regretted instantly.

  5. So many striped tights! I used to love strawberry shortcake, she's a good red-headed mascot, lol. This just made me think of Rainbrow bright too! Oh childhood.

  6. I love Lemon Chiffon!

    such a cute photoshoot!

  7. oh i love this post!
    i sold ALL my strawberry shortcake dolls to a collector shop in toronto (for rent deposit for first & last), at the time not realizing the worth, i sold all my dolls, in mint condition, with shoes & accessories, as well as outfits, & a collector tin ect, i think i got $100, i'm sure i had a loot of $1000...oh sigh!
    oh i also had an unopened strawberry shortcake still in the box, it was found in my grandmothers attic...

  8. Thanks. When we take Breakfast out, I give her treats while putting on her harness and then try to give her lots of praise and affection afterwards. She likes the treat part after we come back inside but while we are outside, she has no interest in treats at all. I think that it will just take time. Once she is used to it, I want to take her for walks around town but I am pretty sure everyone will think we are nuts! lol.

  9. I still have one of the figurines kicking around my apartment- I can't imagine what they used to scent them because my still smells candy sweet (I'm 27 and have had it for as long as I can remember!)

  10. Hooray, I'm pleased you managed to track one down over there - I've had mine for a while as I'm in the UK - and I've been waiting to find out what you guys think of it.

    I always try and read it as slowly as humanly possible so that I don't waste it! I'm still only halfway through!

  11. oh no tara-lynn that is terrible! i can remember the smell of these dolls. i never thought of myself as one. they would have had to make "oatmeal cookie", that would be me.

    i live in fear of talking about the past all the time too! agh! i do it too much i think. i'm trying to keep loving the future, but sometimes it looks a little freaky.

  12. My mother made matching dresses for me and my strawberry shortcake doll! Best!

    Can you tell me where the green and white stripes tights are stocked? They are amazing!

  13. Thanks so much for the information, I've been wondering how to purchase it and just ordered it from buyolympia.com.

    Can't wait till it comes!


  14. hey, great post!! i picked up this issue myself (with the same cover).. and i love the photography, as always. i'm actually planning to do a post of my favourite photos from this issue on my blog soon :)

    i've been following your blog for a while now, and i absolutely love it. looking forward to your future entries!


  15. They also carry Lula at Type on Queen St.